Jens Ward: Goethe in the neck.

Sooner or later such an emotional upset can bloom any author. But the first-person narrator in Jens Wonne’s new novel Bayerstrasse Ahornallee it hits particularly hard: the desk is the exam room to the place, he umschleicht with discomfort and gripes like an exam candidate. For weeks no single line occurred to him, which would endure a higher literary Court. The early, encouraging successes behind it so long, that they seem to come from another life. Goetheallee begins as an ethnological expedition in everyday life, light and ironic, and brings something to the fore, menacing lies hidden beneath the surface again and again. Unpretentious ordinary is perceived. Or cryptic, that opens up like a trap door in the everyday: the wig of the Kioskbesitzerin Ms. Hartmann for example, hidden behind a disease; the straddle janitor Wehovsky, lacking as well on fine as to compassion and to dare is some unsavory; the bookseller who joyfully to the audacity, to have no single book of the narrator in the range. We have to do it with a sympathetic, if also a little impulsive character. He does not act out his resentment; but inconsistencies and defeats him accumulate on. He looks rather than that he’s talking about. In the evening he squats at times with host Karl in the convent parlour, in which there are clear rules: no unnecessary babbling and Johnny Cash on the platter, sonorous singing his stories of homesickness and pain. The grizzled heads to the counter to nod as they had always known it. . Original data may be read clicking the following

For the industry’s worst sales decline since October 2013. A few orders from abroad.

Milan-New negative news for the Italian industry. According to data from the Institute of statistics relating to last July, industry orders fell 1.5% of economy (seasonally adjusted index) and the 0.7% trend (raw index). It went better in terms of sales, which fell 1 percent and the economy of 1.3% on year, the worst decline since October 2013. It communicates the Istat, which in seven months orders have marked, according to raw data, +1.7% and +0.1% turnover. If you look at the average of the last three months, the overall turnover index cala of 1.3% compared to the previous three months ( -1.3% for foreign sales and -1.2% for the inner ring). The geographical breakdown of the data suggests a dangerous trend. The turnover, in fact, cling to other countries: the annual decline of 1.3% above you must a -2.2% domestically and to an increase of 0.5% on that country. But in the near future a less stable foothold could come from outside production. Orders, in fact, that overall lose 1.5% economy, must drop to a decrease of 2.1% of foreign orders and the 0.9% of internal ones. Back to sales, you can analyze trends for the various sectors of economic activity. Between 2014 and July last year, the most significant positive changes are in the areas of manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products, medical appliances, measuring apparatus and watches (+7.8 percent), manufacture of vehicles (+5.9%) and of the textile, clothing, leather and accessories (+4.5%), and negative changes are most marked in manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products ( -10.4)in the extraction of minerals from quarries and mines ( -8.6%) and in manufacture of chemicals ( -5.6). As for orders, major increases in crude index relating to the manufacture of means of transport (+12.8), manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products, medical appliances, measuring apparatus and watches (+7.7%) and manufacture of electrical equipment and household appliances, non-electric (+4.8%) more consistent contractions recorded in manufacture of machinery and equipment ( -6.2), in the manufacture of chemicals ( -6.0%) and in manufacture of wood, paper and printing ( -3.3). . You can read the following to discover extra about this interesting matter.

We have to reinvent all of us: four writers with biographies of global thinking the future.

There is hardly a better opportunity to see the world from a different perspective than the international literature festival in Berlin. This year, the Indian writer Pankaj Mishra’s opening speech was, he spoke on "Europe and the new world disorder", and because we wanted to know the views of the so-called West from the perspective of all of the other authors looks like Africa or Latin America, we have asked Mishra and three other world authors to the discussion. Priya Basil: Sure I am. But I have a strange relationship to do so. When I was growing up in Kenya, Me too had all these prejudice-laden notions that it is better there that life there is something desirable. Now, as an adult, because I live there, I see that A lot of ambivalent. But it does not identify Yes in such broad terms. Our identities are A lot of tricky. Dinaw Mengestu: I would describe myself more as an American, that’s something singular. I have Of course also an African side. But I’ve lived a few years in Europe, and what often occurs to me when I’m here again, is the enormous vulnerability and insecurity. How much all of these countries before the future afraid, especially all the migrants that undermine the values on which the identity of these countries is based. You believe that your Liberal, humanist consensus in danger is, because people come, whose skin color is a little different. Junot Díaz: The fear of a reverse colonization is nothing new. At the end of the 19th century there was a concern, the nation-State would disintegrate, and one reason was the return of the Brown, yellow and red body. This is an ancient paradigm that allows you to mobilize enormous power. It’s all about to draw a dividing line between what is human and what they suspected, it was not to be. You can see that not only in the West. You can apply the same logic in a place like the Dominican Republic, the we jokingly "ground zero of the West" call, finally, the whole concept of the West has evolved here. Sitting people in Santo Domingo and quote American immigration policy, according to the motto: so it’s done in a progressive country, that we can also. For them, it is the Haitians who are not people. . Main source could be found visiting this

In the event of strikes in Syria, the United States will be not alone.

U.S. president Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry clearly said that each country can contribute to this effort (to destroy the IC). There is universal support for touch and destroy the IC, she insisted. Barack Obama announced Saturday that he would benefit from the General Assembly of the United Nations this week to call for a more broad international coalition against the IC. We will not hesitate to take action against these terrorists in Iraq and Syria, said Mr. Obama about the Sunni extremists who have conquered a large portion of the territory of these two countries, but this is not the only American combat. Regarding the sending of ground troops, Ambassador reiterated that the local forces were those that were best able to combat the EIS. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates estimated on ABC that it was necessary, for the success of the mission to destroy the EI group, there is a few soldiers on the ground, not battalions or brigades but advisors, trainers or special forces. Barack Obama refuses to send troops on the ground to combat the EIS in Iraq and Syria, but it faces some skepticism in the United States. Elected Republican officials believe such that air strikes are not enough to counter the jihadists, given in Syria of the absence of a viable rebel force, and Iraq from the weakness of the army. . You should check the following weblink to discover extra regarding this great topic.

“Crime scene” Cathedral in the first: who is talking to a dead man.

Can you laugh about cancer? Consider it even, which is considered yet popularly and doctor Hance laughter best medicine that may not heal, but makes the otherwise unbearable bearable. The humor should be of course a subtle one that penetrates into the Interior. With subtlety, the brutal comedy of the Münster "crime scene" has little to do, however, always been. It is no different this time. Still A little bit more effective, namely in "Murder is the best medicine" – humor – is fooling, gekalauert and gekumpelt, what keeps the Zote: ", clogged oil glands?" O, My god!’, as the title suffices me Professor. "" The screenplay has written same author of the book for the total satellite. " 1 Guttenberg comedy "The Minister" originates in the Jan-Josef Liefers should By the way originally assume the role of the Secretary of Defense. At the clinic, where he make a biopsy that he – pure subplot – meets the pompous good-humoured chemo patients Göbel, who so sucks his bed neighbors with this mood and fully pop music turned to, that Boerne paints out the early life in the blackest colours it: in their Fiesheit probably the best scene. Of course, Gabriel does not die. This delicious Onko honk with clown hair and "one A – lung cancer", who as a Senator Möllendorpf in Heinrich of breloer’s "Buddenbrooks" curious in the grass played by Josef Ostendorf, (more precisely: in Too much cake) bite, will remain in memory. Program is that the bulging life and death directly confront each other, and we soon see that both sides are quite different mesh than expected; in itself not a bad idea. And yet it is unfortunately an except flat "Tatort" milking especially the duration of jokes of this regional Edition: Boerne is the know-it-all ("you my safe pT2, pN1 and cM0"), the colleague sow ("not only proctologists assholes know, you know") and grammar fascists ("who has a dead man talking? How did she do that?"). Commissioner Thiel (Axel Prahl) his father (Claus D. Clausnitzer) is hard, but it is welcome ("now you die once alone, I call you then"), falls on the counterfeit bill for a sick ride – to Amsterdam! -come in, bandelt Assistant Krusenstern (Friederike Kempter) map with a Prince, Assistant Alberich WINS for their discovery successes only dwarf wage ("Jugend forscht!") – betuliches Scherzgekekse just painfully known. It is now reminiscent of a puppet theater, where all the characters have their fixed characteristics: repeatedly pretzels Sergeant and Kasper the crocodile one with the leg over, again and again the audience hooting. The most boring is the case itself: it is – once again – to the pharmaceutical and hospital mafia, and those who accept that maybe at the end of the pharmaceutical industry and private clinics but not as greedy, conscience Pack would be there, he saw yet no "scene". Any details of this same history are so varied, and keep up the work this time pretty uninspired, can quickly guess what is going on. For the are it summarizes Boerne, which Of course lies in this clinic, in which the strangest things are going for the record: "counterfeiting. Thus, world’s nearly more money is earned as with drug trafficking. The profit margin is over seven hundred percent. "Then Club, crocodile platt, let’s hear it," Similar info can be found reading

24 hours of le Mans motorcycle: Kawasaki N.11 always in mind.

The Kawasaki N. 11 which had achieved the position of tip of the 37th edition of the 24 hours of le Mans, was always head Saturday after three hours of a race that has somewhat stabilized, following a lively beginning. At 6 p.m., with new Grégory Leblanc on his handlebars and after having passed the Cape of 100 towers, the bike already for about ten seconds Suzuki N. 1, always in the hands of Vincent Philippe. The BMW N. 31, first Open, Yamaha N. 7, Honda N. 55 National Motorcycle, one of the pioneers of the France Endurance stables, followed in that order in a round. This Honda, driven around 18:15 by the Spanish Arturo Tizon went from 9th to 5th place in two hours. Another good recovery, that of the GMT 94 Yamaha, which fell in the first round. Distributed in 52nd position, this R1, currently leading the Championship, rebounded in 14th position with three laps of the leader. She plays the title this weekend, as Kawasaki N. 8, N. 11, Suzuki N. 1 or the Honda N. 111. On the other hand, the race is stopped before even to have commenced for the the world record pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie, teammate David Dumain having fallen heavily during the first half out of the Dunlop curve. Shocked, the editor of Moto-Journal was taken to the hospital for observation. The Suzuki N. 63 abandoned some time later, depriving Lavillenie of one spin of a wheel. . For extra facts on this topic check source.

Cirk Fantastik in Florence, the wonder of the circus without animals.

The circus comes to heaven, to God, bearing in mind the challenge of Icarus. It is the hook in the middle of the heaven of ropes to reach the clouds, are the Trapeze artists of muscle and tenacity and discipline and patience to wait for the right moment, is the skill of the hands, the towel on which stretch, speed of execution, the perpetual smile on mouths rigged and harebrained. The circus (also read the story of the circus by Serena, Bruno Mondadori, 2008), that contemporary, does not cover animals. Then any bear that boxa, no Kangaroo who kicks, nor domesticated dogs, or horses with plumes, nor falsely Lions roaring nor pachyderms sweetened by the whip. Only men and women with their ancient inventions, their juggling, whimsies, the flashes, the jumps and somersaults, actions that are always open the mouth of wonder for children of all ages. AWE and wonder: is this the circus. A phenomenon in Italy and Europe in strong growth. Increase the circus schools in Italy there are seven (among others the Flic of Turin, the small school of Milan, Galante Garrone di Bologna), while now there are no more regarding Circus schools Educational Play for children and teenagers (we have counted some sixty, with 6.000 card-carrying Uisp), as are ascendant and the number of artists (600 at the last national convention)reviews, as of end users (jugglingmagazine. en for useful insights). One of the biggest events in the genre is the "Fantastik Cirk" (full program on cirkfantastik. com), the 8th Edition, until 28 September in Florence (the municipality Mayor Nardella provides a contribution of 8.000 euros) will take turns thirteen different companies for twenty scenes are concerned. There will be Magda Clan (the big top), the Madame Rebiné, Los Santos, LeDaMine, Theater Art There, the Trio Trioche, Stefano Di Renzo, fiorentina Therapy ‘ 98, Luigi Ciotta, Flying everything Magma Cirkus and Inzir Circus. The cabaret mixes the circus that mixes the clowning, which amalgamates the grotesque, the comedian, to surreal, Cockeyed concert at minimal objects. If in "the rescue of the clown" (the 19) of Madame Rebinè will see an old clown back to justice Gallop in his wheelchair, flaming revenge featuring dazzling, disturbing and guests in "too many airs" (the 20) Trioche Trio will translate the most famous and famous works in sound and vocal oddities more delusional. The "wandering" of Extra-Magda (the 21) takes us into a world where countdown Vertigo are normality, "The Great cabaret Deluxe" (the 24) sees a series of hilarious characters between acute and brilliant revival recital, and in "Spark" (the 26) will fire the protagonist. But talk of Cirque du Soleil, today, is inappropriate since the great Canadian Group took the extreme road with macchinerie imposing show (with some two dozen shows in repertoire and a scene of continuous residence in Las Vegas). These shows have the Stardust of small discoveries, that unruly halo of amatorialità and happiness that hides a bodywork, the attention and the impressive pace. The circus is not sudden but continuously trained. Maybe he was right: "Federico Fellini film, as the circus and variety, is like an old whore, and can give many forms of pleasure", although we are still loyal to Michel Platini: "When the circus trapeze artist dies, the clown". . You should visit the following to discover more on this interesting matter.

‘The cinema industry is in limbo’.

Passes through the red carpet of the scar for an hour and a half, wants to be an unforgettable experience, and it was. It was incre ble. All treated equal to everyone, I was just that Meryl Streep, the staff strives to make it an unforgettable experience, account filmmaker Esteban Crespo sitting in a Chair in the Hall of the theatre sea i Terra as participating Festival FILMACIBmientras carries is hands behind the head to remember it. That was not me, a short film that tells the story of a cooperant espa ola with an or or soldier at a crossroads of violence and redenci n did get to the m high and stay so s the a step of receiving the Golden statuette, but s got done in 2013 with the Goya Award to the best short film of Ficci n and almost a hundred national and international awards. The scar did to be known I m s here, now when I call a door not close it I at once, to ade. The movie espa ol is fucking great, the problem is called movie espa ol. When a spectator called as is because you did not like the pel cula, little by little we have to change it, says Crespo. l stewardship to be pod to be good and get far with little. The theme of industry cinematogr fica est convulsed, industry does not know what to adhere, is in limbo. At the creative level, we are in an excellent time, says. And once m s, as artist of the s seventh art, the secret lies in having a good story. And burn it. . Main source could be found clicking the following homepage.

Codacons: «over seven years cutting the cost of 1300 euro».

The 33% of Italians are afraid of becoming poor. And only 30% feel they have their backs covered by the welfare system, while the percentage rises to 58% in Spain, 61% in the United Kingdom, 73% in Germany and 74% in France. Detect the «transition» diary of Censis. «In a context so hard, with growth and jobs that do not leave-it reads-the Italians think it is essential to protect themselves in case in case of an illness, job loss or simply to meet unforeseen expenses». During the years of crisis, the Italians have preferred to hold cash or money down on checking accounts, available to every eventuality. In fact the value of cash and bank deposits has increased to 234 billion over the past seven years. Stocks have moved from 975 billion of 2007 to a mass of 1. 209 billion in March 2014, an increase of 9.2% in real terms. Today account for 30% of the portfolio of financial assets of households, while only 25% in the year before the crisis. . Root data could be found reading this blog.

Work, Bam: Hope effective protection. Tough clash Renzi-Cgil.

ROME-do Not report cards. I hope that by this confrontation, even harsh, you arrive at effective protection of workers, both those more guaranteed, both precarious and especially those women who for too long have had to choose between motherhood and work. The speaker of the House, Laura Boldrini, urged by journalists about government-unions confrontation hard on Welfare and work, thus commented the acrimonious debate on article 18, without giving reason Prime Minister Matteo Renzi or leader of Cgil, Susanna Camusso. In the clash on the labour reform between the Government and the unions, we must avoid making the mistakes of the past, said Pietro Ichino: the left, Trade Union and political, must be careful not to repeat the mistakes of the past, consisititi in disqualify the person who disagrees, in creating that sort of sanitary cordon to isolate those who maintain different ideas than the traditional Marxist leftbecause this technique presents isolation then the risk that shrapnel hit the isolated person running amok. I trust that the left has learned the lesson of the past. . Main facts could be studied clicking the following