José Anigo has ‘thought to join Adrien’, his son murdered.

"Today, I can live with it (the city of Marseille) because everything reminds me of Adrien. ” And then at OM, OM, supporters, media no longer support me, he said to our colleagues from Paris-Match. As in politics, after 25 years was fed up of seeing the same mugs. "After so many years with the club as player, coach, recruiter or Athletic Director, it was time for him to leave the city. And the loss of his son did that speed things up. "It could happen worse to me, it was the child I was nearest. He was everything to me, blows it not without emotion. Cities are centres of training for delinquency and he found in the street that he had no home. "And the Marseillais pure strain to admit the mistakes made in the education of his son. "I was too busy with my work, I noticed nothing. I failed somewhere, I haven’t seen my child to sink. My biggest regret is having abandoned on the street, because her tragic fate is played child. Marseille devours his kids. "The father delivered the reasons for his departure in a city that gave him everything and finally resumed. ‘I’m liberated and serene. I need. In this House become a mausoleum, I am haunted by the face death of my son, whom I have ensured three days and three nights (,.) I have to change life for rebuild me and be happy again. It is difficult to consider today, but I know that life is stronger than death. » . Main data may be studied clicking this url.

Transparency of commissions for banking consultant: as bribes.

It was in 1904. At that time was decided for the first time in Germany welcome on the principles of good banking advice. The tenor of the story sounds strikingly familiar. A customer annoys wildly about his bank consultant, which he has so familiar. Because this intentionally contracted it the Bank by selling a security to him with deserved the back way in addition. There are many types of commissions. Either they are charged to the customer as subscription fee directly. Or but a part of the annual management fee that pay customers to investment fund management companies, is fed back behind the backs of the investors on the Advisory Bank. In these cases, one speaks of open sales commissions or kickbacks. The BGH has complicated the causa in past years because the judge in the case law have distinguished between refunds and Interior commissions. If an investor has invested in a closed-end Fund, for example, EUR 50 000, it is quite common that only 45 000 euros will be invested in the project. The difference amount flows into the pocket of the Bank Adviser. This internal Commission is so – unlike branched at the initial fee or management fee – from the investment amount. The customer got little of them. . For additional insights about this subject check weblink.

Analysis: The Ukraine experienced just their Lockerbie.

The constables in the police station in Lockerbie enjoyed a peaceful Christmas. But as on December 21, 1988 at 19 04 Scottish time is the first of numerous emergency calls which Dumfries and Galloway is a police, years past on it with the Idyll in the quiet west Scotland. The bomb on board the Pan Am flight 103 from London Heathrow to New York has great parallels to shoot down of the airliner in the Eastern Ukraine. The wreckage of both planes hit up on country – unlike as in explosions over the sea the parts can recovered much easier. In Lockerbie that cost a high price: eleven people on the ground died, because falling debris on their homes or their apartment caught fire. In the months after the crash over Lockerbie debris of Pan am machine within a radius of 845 square miles (2200 square kilometers) have been found – an area almost as large as the Saarland. The discovery work was considered at that time extremely complicated – also if the specialists do not like now had to work in the Eastern Ukraine with gunmen in the back and battle noise in the environment. It says FBI agents and international investigators scoured the countryside looking for traces on literally every blade of grass, on my knees in a FBI documentation. More than 10 000 people were involved in the search. At its end were million little things, each its own evidence. . You can visit the following to discover extra on this amazing topic.

Jennifer Lopez in better shape than ever with 5 weeks of vegan diet.

(:: Play4movie)-recent dancing in a club in New York, to his appearance as guest of honor at the Versace show, 44 years, and newly single, appears in better shape lately than ever before. The merit of the statuesque singer physicist would be attributed to vegan diet adopted by the star in April. Five weeks without taking meat, dairy products and gluten in an attempt to lose the ones that Jennifer was called "the 5-6 kilos more stubborn". "Their diet is based on vegetables," an insider revealed of Lopez, "instead of ordering a steak with vegetables, order vegetables with protein". "Being vegan means basically give up dairy products with meat," explained JLo, "everything is based on vegetables, everything that comes in the land I love eat more green stuff," confessing to feel the lack of a food specifically ,. "he makes everything better". Jennifer follows in the footsteps of many vegan including star, who also launched the website WildeThings. com to promote the vegan lifestyle. The super star, who has just launched his new album, a. k. a., will open in 2015 in two films, Home-A CasaThe Boy Next Door. . Original source can be read visiting the following hyperlink.

Lawsuit against Stuttgart police: How did it get to the Black Thursday?

The mass protests against the planned subway station were long nationwide headlines when police massively proceeded on September 30, 2010 at the evacuation of the area in the courtyard near the central station Stuttgart 21 opponents. The pictures of the used water cannons and the seriously injured demonstrators went around the world. In memory remained about the photo of a pensioner-bleeding from the eyes, which was hit by a jet of water and almost completely blind. The man is also one of the five plaintiffs in the process. The water cannon process should again call also the bitter dispute over Stuttgart 21 in memory that nationwide had led to debates about sense and nonsense of low station in the Baden-Württemberg state capital. In the State election in March 2011 after all, a green red Alliance replaced the previous Black-Yellow Government under Mappus, Stuttgart 21 also for the new coalition partners was a central point of conflict in cooperation. While the SPD was basically standing behind the project, were the Greens against the subway station. Therefore, the coalition under Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Green Party) brought a referendum in France on the way in which finally in November 2011 a clear majority of voters called for Stuttgart 21. Since then it has become a quiet to the multimillion-dollar project. But forget is the time of the mass protests and the bitter dispute so not long, as itself in the coming months also in the Hall 18 of the Landgericht show Stuttgart. . Root source may be found clicking the following

Protests to the Gaza war: anti-Semitism is socially than here in France.

In Paris, demonstrators attacked synagogues, in Berlin, she shouting anti-Semitic slogans. However, the Jew-hatred has not increased, says expert Wolfgang Benz. An Interviewvon Carolina Ambrosi events, such as the current war in Gaza can cause temporarily stronger that expresses this anti-Semitism. Usually this is then again over. So I want to talk anything small. It is of course unacceptable, that in Germany living Jews feel threatened. But you could even emphasize that it succeeded thanks to the long effort by politics, media, science and our fellow citizens, to keep the problem as relatively small, as it has long been. In any country, anti-Semitism is thus criminalized and sanctioned as in Germany. Every career is destroyed, if someone is to recognize as anti-Semite, or if he is stigmatized by others as anti-Semitic. Benz: Anti-Semites gladly the policy of the Israeli Government on the occasion, make right air their feindschaftlichen feelings towards Jews. You hope for the understanding of people who are not anti-Semitic, but look at the Israeli policy but with some skepticism. This is dangerous at the current development: the anti-Semitism that masquerades as criticism of the Israeli Government, is socially. Benz: Unfortunately, this is no new dimension. In Germany there is a sediment on anti-Semitism, which sometimes breaks ban despite Holocaust and all educational efforts continuously. It is now important to clarify who called it. They were apparently young Muslims or people with migration reason. That excuse nothing, it is not worse or less bad. But it is important for the distinction. Because apparently this is supposedly not the Germans congenital anti-Semitism, which flares up again and again. Either way should have the police notice these anti-Semitic views and punish. That is pure anti-Semitism and has nothing more to do with criticism of Israeli policy. . Inspirational data may be studied reading the following

I had come to the demonstration for Palestine, not to break.

Residing Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), the thirty-two-year-old woman was e returned appearance imm Diba for participation in a banned demonstration and violence have no spirit of ITT (temporary discontinuance of work). D j e sentenced for driving while intoxicated state, d need insurance, r Basil and contempt, it was not his first summons by the justice. What criticisms are: to tre e empar of a tear bomb does and have it project to the forces of order. While she is entered e n by the arm without knowing by causing the e Med and agitation, Firouz is e interpell Street Amin. I thought that a happen well, starts it, voice e assur. Who told you? request President. A girlfriend. A policeman of the ret public d clare in his s-word proc s have seen it launch the famous tear bomb not as a group of a dozen violent individuals approached. Was it part of? No, I came only with this friend. But the demonstration was banned. Did you know? continues the magistrate. Yes, I took the responsibility of y tre. Clear and high, stamp the Petite woman to the adolescents Arias says. Lan police have bombs tear nes. I saw one land my feet. The first reflex r I’ve had is the pick up and throw it before me. R flexe amazing, I would have liked it t e lanc with the foot, says President. It is indeed na f thinking that a pacifist demonstration will be okay, especially especially this kind of event note by its c t the Prosecutor. In the folder, you must give a sentence that rev you a distinctive exemplarit re a d clar Attorney. Mr Prosecutor wants archives in the press, immediately acted r M Adrien Namigohar. It is not the exemplarit l. Madam is not going to pay for all those who are go express s Barb. The young woman has t e received six-month suspended prison sentence and 105 hours of work for int r t g n ral. Three other people appeared Monday. Recognized guilty of r rebellion and participation a crowd, an ing NIOR of 33 years has been received 10-month prison sentence, the heaviest sentences which are. Another man, 33 years old scientist and p re’s three children, a cop of 4 months in prison suspended for m my d beds as well as concealment of his face during the demonstration. Last pr come 26-year-old arr t place Bastille, has on the other hand relax t of r bellion facts. � . Similar information can be found reading

Jean-Luc Mélenchon goes into withdrawal of the left Front: I can’t continue like this.

Everything was planted for a handful of municipal posts. At one time it must stop running. Because if it runs all the time, we will eventually get into the vacuum. And I need to sleep, do nothing, Bayer in crows, announced this Tuesday, July 22 the former candidate for the presidential election in the hexagons (subscriber link) website. Visibly exhausted by the incessant disputes between its formation, the left party, and its ally the Communist Party and the campaigns repeatedly, MEP freshly re-elected to the Parliament in Strasbourg says no longer want to carry only the weight of the media battle and political. If he does not regret his mouth and Chin shots in the media, Jean-Luc Mélenchon proved to be very critical of the ambiguities of the left Front. Since the beginning. There are two lines somehow. That is worn by the direction of the Communist Party, which is more institutional, more traditional, where continues to think that the left is a reality part, organized and can rectify of the Socialist Party. And then there is another who thinks that much, it is a world which is almost closed, need to build and that it will do so gradually autonomous IP55. . For extended information about this subject visit

The ‘Godfather’ of James Rodríguez initially described as a humble and simple person.

The arrival of James Rodríguez Real Madrid is already imminent. Figures in which the transfer will be closed ranged from 70 to 80 million euros and become one of the most expensive signings of all time. Jairo Patiño was ‘father’, friend and colleague of James Rodriguez when Rodríguez came to Banfield in Argentina. The next Pearl of Florentino was just 16 years and Jairo 28. The person who hosted the player in your first international adventure has no doubt about its adaptation to Real Madrid. "It has no ceiling. James has much to enjoy. It has many Picardy, has adrenaline for sharing on and off the field and as they go past their years his figure grow more"says the from his home in colombia. "Already he was special. It was technically good. He was great quality, which could reach the Professional League". After his brilliant World Cup, in Madrid you have to cohabit in an ecosystem of stars, egos and immediacy. A crusher for the weak that Patino believes that it shall not be eaten to James. "The environment in which it will be moved will help a lot for their growth, development and maturation of his game". He will share clothes with Cristiano Ronaldo, who keeps a resemblance and who compared him at the start of his career. "It is a simple and humble guy," explains his godfather in the first adventure outside of Colombia. "Enjoy making. Despite his youth, keeps your feet on the ground". It is considered that its new journey comes at a good time, in reference to the role of James in the Brazil World Cup. "He will take advantage of to know", adventure. The player will have the pressure inherent in the Madrid, the weight of having cost the same as Zidane and fans eager to see the player revelation of the World Cup that fell in love to Florentino Pérez. And the competition for a place in a team with players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale, Di María, or Isco. "His position is already occupied. He knows that he will have to earn it. You have to respect those who are there, but it’s a young player"ruling Patiño, currently player of the Colombian team Deportivo Pasto. The adventure of James before reaching Europe in a dazzling ascent that has placed him with 23 years at the gates of Madrid after mentioning in the Porto and Monaco and shine in the World Cup, had a home complicated in Argentina to who ultimately only a teenager away from home. "They gave me want to cry," recalls James on that stage. "What we did was to remove the barriers that one small is because it is a normal process," says Patiño, her guardian angel’s in those early days in Banfield. Its mission was "to make her more pleasant solitude". Patiño home roasts or the outputs to the cinema of the Colombian trio (Fredy Guarín, Inter player completed it), accelerated adaptation of James. "Little by little we got was more adapted to the environment," says Patiño on a season in which James participated mainly in the lower. . Main source may be found reading this

Nigeria: 15,000 displaced after an attack by Boko Haram.

Fifteen thousand people have been displaced in the northeast of Nigeria after the deadly attack by the armed Islamist group Boko Haram in the town of Damboa, in Borno State, over the weekend, announced Monday by the emergency services. Abdulkadir Ibrahim, head of the national emergency relief services, said to journalists on this total, 10. 204 people had fled to the city of Biu, 2. 000 to that of Goniri, and 3. 000 in the capital of Borno State, Maiduguri. Many people had been killed in the night of Thursday to Friday by armed Islamists of Boko Haram in Damboa, torching houses and slaughtering civilians who were on their way. The attack Thursday night, had continued the weekend, witnesses stating that civilians found themselves defenceless, previously withdrew after previous attacks security forces. According to Nigerian media, Boko Haram fighters still occupy the city, their flag flying on a public building. Nevertheless, the army tried to minimize the extent of the crisis. We do provide no portion of this country to any group terrorist whatsoever, said his spokesman Chris Olukolade. Security services consolidate their deployment throughout the sector (,.) We will put in check any form of insecurity very early, he added. The Boko Haram group has already killed more than 2. 000 civilians in the northeast of the country in 2014. If members of Boko Haram were able to maintain their positions at Damboa and resist a military assault, the situation would be very embarrassing for the security forces, and would mark a significant decline in the Suppression of the insurrection that began in 2009, already more than 10. 000 deaths. The Boko Haram Islamist have already burned a part of the town of Damboa and destroyed the police station and a military barracks early July. The Nigerian army had then announced have killed 53 insurgents and lost 6 men following this attack, but since then, local officials and witnesses claimed that Damboa benefited more than no protection of the forces of order. . For more insights on this subject read