Isis beheads American journalist. The White House: “real Video”.

The footage of the beheading of the American journalist abducted in Syria in 2012, James Foley, by jihadists of Isis "is genuine". It reported directly to the White House. The video, in which terrorists threaten another reporter, Joel Steven Sotloff, who was also kidnapped in Syria, has already been removed from the network.  To ensure the authenticity of the movie is the spokesman for the National Security Council in the White House, Caitlin Hayden.  "We are horrified by the brutal killing of an American journalist innocent," added Hayden, stating that "the intelligence the u.s. is working to determine the authenticity of the video posted by Isis on the beheading of James Foley". And he added: "We express our most sincere condolences to the family and friends". "We have never been so proud of our son. He gave his life trying to reveal to the world the suffering of the Syrian people, "said Diane Foley, James Foley’s mother. "We beseech the kidnappers to spare the lives of other hostages. Are innocent, as it was Jim. Do not have control of the American Government’s policy in Iraq, Syria or in other parts of the world, "it reads on the Facebook profile of Diane. "When you hurt the Americans anywhere in the world, we do what is needed to ensure that justice is done," Barack Obama said in a brief statement on Babar murderer of journalist. The u.s. President said that he had called the reporter’s family. And then he added: "the world is horrified: Isis is not about religion. Their victims are mostly Muslims and no faith teaches people to massacre the innocent ". James Foley had been kidnapped on November 22, 2012. Always on time its report and video from the Northwest of Syria, the scene of clashes between rebels and the regime in Damascus for the past 3 and a half years. 40 years, working as a freelance for the GlobalPost and had been kidnapped near the town of Taftanaz, along with his driver and translator, who were then released. Foley was already a war reporter in Afghanistan and Libya. In April 2011 had already been the victim of a kidnapping in Libya, by a group of supporters of the Gaddafi regime. With him were taken from two other journalists, the American Clare Gillis and Spaniard Manu Brabo, while a fourth, the South African Anton Hammerl, had been killed. After 44 days had been released. This time Foley was not so lucky. . Inspirational data can be studied visiting the following

Federal countries learn saving thanks to debt brake.

How much, the latest forecast by the low level of interest and tax revenues is influenced, show various scenarios. In the standard projection assumed is a growth of tax revenues by 3.6 per cent in the year according to the current tax estimate and a market interest rate of 3.5 percent–must only Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Bremen and Saarland spending at an assumed inflation of two percent annual real cut. Is a weaker one percentage point growth of tax revenues is assumed, but twelve countries must cut real spending. Only Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg and Lower Saxony come from in this scenario without real cuts. PWC CEO Norbert Winkeljohann warned: "Länder and municipalities may in their austerity measures do not subside. You should use the favourable framework conditions to make room for the management of demographic change. "The consolidation in the countries, however, has a downside: many provinces save after knowledge of PWC primarily in capital investments in infrastructure – and therefore the substance." A number of countries and many municipalities had also moved a not inconsiderable share of their physical investment in extra households and financed it in part by borrowing even. "456 euro per inhabitant in the preservation of public infrastructure are invests for the national average, while Berlin spent 2013 only 181 euro per inhabitant. Twelve more countries were sometimes far below the national average", according to the study. This, in particular North Rhine-Westphalia count in addition to Bremen and Saarland. A clear link between high spending and low capital investment show themselves. The amount of social spending not complete it by different social and economic structures to explain. . Original data could be read reading this weblink.

CSU politician Haderthauer: Much ego, little humility.

The Munich children Board Glockenbach in Christine Haderthauer last saw a burden. That’s why the small Club has given birth of the Bavarian State Chancellery from her role as patron the boss with 130 members. The children Board make a moral integrity personality at the helm of the Club, it says on the home page of the help project with reference to Haderthauers involvement in the so-called model-making affair. Offensively, confident, grasping: So the native Northern usually occurs. For self-criticism, as little space remains, there is no own error in the world by Christine Haderthauer practically. Why also? Her previous career in the CSU seems to give her right in everything: Your party career was much faster than others. While about Markus Söder and Ilse Aigner had for years established networks as a promotion channel used the young Union, Haderthauer 2003 all of a sudden was there: Landtag, after she had won her first mandate as City Councillor for the Ingolstadt only a year earlier. Their two children were already big pulled the own law firm founded. Page entry rather than slog. He held also in her Haderthauer turned out in Office as miscast. Her empathielosen performances in asylum policy had caused multiple violent discussions in the Parliament. In the past year, Haderthauer moved Seehofer electoral success in the State Chancellery. Those in the party who like Haderthauer, say that the lawyer despite missing networks have bitten successfully. Those who critically view their rise, say that she fill a gap in particular: that of the comparatively young, urban and successful academic, married and still is mother – an aspect that counts much in Catholic Bavaria. . Related info can be inspected reading

Worried and wait, the French continue to save.

Despite the common sense, the French continue to save. Interest rates are at a lower history and the present economic downturn, the French savings rate climbed to 15.9% of their disposable income in the first quarter, according to the latest figures from the Bank of France, while it was only 14.7% the previous quarter. This level was more seen since 2009. Other evidence of the reluctance of the French, liquid financial products are plebicites. Life insurance in mind, but also savings books and sight deposits are their favorite investments. They turn away investments long term, better paid, but also more risky, and the stock exchange, too unstable to gain their trust. The international comparison shows that a high savings rate is a hindrance to national growth. Germany, whose savings rate has exceeded 16% in the first quarter, saw its growth plunged into the red. On the contrary, the United States showed last year a savings of only 4.5%. rate, which contributed to a rebound in growth in the spring. Anticipating an even larger decline in prices before consuming or investing, the French pose to the country a risk of deflation. And handicap a return to growth which is today closer than ever to a mirage. . For extra insights about this subject visit home page.

Advantages and disadvantages of Alain Juppé.

Being a wise man, is to be in the heights and not in the sludge. And when it drops its Olympus, the image can quickly be disturb and reverse. And there, so it will probably (even if it has not yet officially unveiled his intentions), Nicolas Sarkozy in front of him, though more broken political and petty political jousting with his combativeness and his pugnacity. A younger Sarkozy (it will be 62 years in 2017 compared with 72 years for Juppe, which would make it the oldest of the 5th Republic President-elect) and who will play this card to show that he is more in tune with today’s world and the challenges that must be met. His tropism toward the Center and, especially, his flirtation with François Bayrou – that has already delighted openly announced the candidacy for the nomination of his friend from the Southwest – are not not free of pitfalls. Similarly, his total refusal of any concession speech and the proposals of the extreme right (not to mention that of a any rapprochement with the FN) may dispose of him pretty much right sympathizers, especially if in 2016. in the primary, the failure of the president and the current Government is total and Marine Le Pen caracole in the polls. And then Alain Juppe will remain the Prime Minister from 1995 to 1997 in the immense unpopularity (for its time!) and who was with Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin, one of the leaders of the dissolution which brought the PS and Lionel Jospin to the position of Prime Minister of cohabitation. The failure of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012 is, of course, equally important or more, but number of supporters of right and the UMP activists saw a risk of the economic and moral crisis facing the France (more a "betrayal" of Bayrou) and not a direct responsibility of the former president of the Republic. . You must click this home page to discover more regarding this great subject.

IS terror: Federal Government agrees to arms supplies in the Iraq.

The Federal Government on the issue of arms shipment in the Iraq has hesitated a long time. According to data from Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany is now basically to the delivery of arms to the Kurds in the North of the country ready. This was announced by the Minister on Wednesday after a cabinet meeting in Berlin. The Federal Government could imagine, to provide more military assistance for the agreed supply of armaments, Steinmeier said: can include also the armament. The Federal Government intends to examine now arms supplies in the Iraq. Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen to submit concrete proposals. Weapons assistance, Germany will proceed with great moderation and closely with his European and international partners coordinate, said Steinmeier in Berlin.   The decision for either weapon help had fallen in the morning at a meeting, where German Chancellor Angela Merkel and participated by the Leyen. What exactly are to be delivered, not yet been determined. Anti-tank missiles of the type of Milan are in the conversation. . Similar text can be found checking url.

VIDEO. European Swimming Championships: Florent Manaudou in gold on 50 m butterfly.

France’s swimming team has four medals at the European Swimming Championships. After the victory of the relay 4x100m freestyle, Monday blues, and Rosset bronze in diving in the morning, Florent Manaudou, won the 50 m butterfly in 23 seconds on Tuesday. It is the second gold medal for the small brother of Laure Manaudou who was part of the relay. A few minutes later, Jeremy Stravius finished for his second in the 100 m back. Florent Manaudou shared his award with Yauheni Tsurkin, a Belarusian, tied for first, while the Proud British and Ukrainian Govorov, too at the same time, share the bronze medal. They will be so four medals on the podium. (France 2 screenshot) In the aftermath of their blunder on 400 m freestyle, the German Paul Biedermann and the French Yannick Agnel launched with more or less gusto their quest for redemption by entering in the semi-finals of the 200 m freestyle of the Euro-2014. Biedermann, the world of specialty record, slammed the best time (1:46 62) in morning series, far ahead Agnel, the Olympic champion and world, 3rd only of his series with the 9th time (1:48.27). Jeremy Stravius, silver medal of the European Championships of swimming in the 100 m back, had trouble hiding his disappointment, despite his medal and his best performance of the year at this distance. (France 2 screenshot). You must read this blog to learn more regarding this interesting subject.

“Darius”, lynched in June, handed to the street in August.

Ourgeneral edition on 16 and 17 August, we announced that Gheorghe Franzu C., a.k.a. Darius, lynched on 13 June in the city of poets of Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis) by a dozen of young people, could be handed over to the street because the judgment of its medical care. According to our information, it is thing made since Monday. So far, the costs of hospitalization of Darius, minor, were settled by Romanian insurance via the services of the Embassy. However, Darius celebrated his 18th birthday this weekend. He fell so in wandering with his family and revolves in camps in the Val-d’Oise and Seine-Saint-Denis. Contacted by release, Julie Lee-Flaceliere, her lawyer, is worried: "he walks badly due to neurological sequelae having begotten calcifications at the level of one of his knees. Moreover, the family is not afford anti-inflammatories and Physio sessions. Need to find a solution urgently. "For some time, Darius must continue to attend the centre of physical rehabilitation medicine Fernand Widal (Xe arrondissement) three mornings a week to continue his rehabilitation. Currently, the social service of the hospital works in close collaboration with the consul of Romania in Paris to extend funding for the convalescence of Darius by his country insurance. Eventually, the social worker of family v. could also seek medical help (soul): ‘the pitfall is that a soul activation takes several months’, Julie Lee-Flaceliere despairs. There cannot be dragged. "Concerning accommodation stable and adapted to the situation of health of Darius, the interministerial delegation for the accommodation and access to housing (Dihal, entrusted with coordination and monitoring of the implementation of the priorities of the State in terms of accommodation, Editor’s note) etuderait the possibility to grant him a room in the company of her mother. But Darius did not want to separate himself from his family, still terrorized at the idea that the attackers found them. "Among the Roma, the family unit is not discuss. Their social structure is. You can also say that with the experienced trauma, Darius wished to stay with relatives,"believe Me-Lee-Flaceliere. . Main data may be studied checking the following home page.

Wrist shot and the ball in the net in Rome is “Foosball Day”.

Brace, feint, half ball, thunderclap, setback, spun: resent words that are part of childhood, summer afternoons, noisy bars filled with laughter and screams of jubilation ahead of the moulded plastic figurines of two players. Sixty-five years and not hear them. Foosball, arrived in Italy in 1949, offers a unique holiday: the 31 August to Host will be Foosball Day.   While summer 2014 is coming to an end, to cottage Village will be a day dedicated to one of the most loved by Italians of all ages who, for the occasion, will also become "accessible" thanks to the construction of ordinary Foosball tables along with those used by the Italian National Italian football Paraolimpica, winner of the world title in 2013. In Italy the spread table football began at the end of the second world war, when crude foosball have been used for the rehabilitation of Veterans: hence the name of football. At sixty-five years after his arrival the Festival running from Rome to expand to the entire peninsula. Legions of young, and not so young, are ready to deal between wrist games, improvised clubs, friends persi e ritrovati, entire evenings passed to slide the ball.   On 31 August, from 10. 00 at the log cabin Village (promenade of Ostia) on the initiative of the Association Sapar, the foosball will be celebrated by all fans who want to pay tribute to the sport more convivial table in the history of entertainment, for a non-Stop for ten hours, completely free admission.   All in the company of a special guest, Rossano Falone, coach of the Italian Federation of Football Paraolimpica, which reveals some tricks of the trade with the Italian champions. "Initiatives such as this," said the organiser Raffaele Curcio, President of Sapar-allow you to rediscover the charm of a game that unites all generations, the kicker, one of the most beloved and popular. A responsible gaming, real chance of sociality, which the handlers attached Sapar promotes always looking for an ongoing dialogue with institutions and associations involved in contrast to pathological gambling ".   . For extra insights regarding this topic click url.

Assange: a lawyer minimizes the scenario of a quick outcome.

A lawyer for Julian Assange held very difficult Tuesday to know when he will leave the Embassy of Ecuador in London where he lives secluded in 26 months, due to the large number of ongoing judicial proceedings the Australian of 43 years, founder of WikiLeaks, said Monday he will leave the Embassy shortly and presented a denial implicit in press reports indicating that he suffered from pulmonary and cardiac problems. But according to lawyer Jennifer Robinson, it is very difficult to give a timeline for its release of the Embassy as long as it has not received the guarantee of not being extradited to the United States. He will leave as soon as will have been negotiated the conditions allowing Julian to leave the Embassy with the assurance that the political asylum granted, and which protects it from the risk of extradition to the United States, will be respected, ” said to the Australian public audiovisual group ABC. And this is still not the case, she added. Refuge since June 2012 at the Embassy of Ecuador, it has since August 18 of the same year of political asylum. Julian Assange refuses to answer the summons of justice Swedish investigation for sexual violence which it is charged by two young women, fearing to be extradited to the United States and to be judged for having published hundreds of thousands of secret government documents and the army American. He also denies the charges against in Sweden. This large number of legal proceedings underway in Sweden, and a grand jury investigation in the United States against WikiLeaks seriously complicate the situation of the Australian, says Jennifer Robinson. We want to see all out as soon as possible. He is locked up for more than two years and the circumstances and conditions in the Interior (from the Embassy) are not great, she said without pronouncing on the health of Julian Assange. So far, the Government of David Cameron refused to grant safe passage that would allow Assange to leave the country. And Scotland Yard indicated that he would be immediately arrested if he posed the foot on the public highway. . Main facts could be read clicking the following article.