Fernandes: culture and tourism driving force for growth. The Italy offers a single Commissioner in Brussels.

Tourism and culture are labelled a fly not only for the Italian economy and growth, but also to the European ones. The Minister of culture and tourism, Dario Franceschini, said clear colleagues Europeans gathered in Naples for an informal Summit. We must make haste, warned, because "you cannot live on pension ‘ in a globalised world in which new forms of tourism took over traditional ones. Mapped out the road to a single Commissioner to the 13th European Tourism Forum, which was held today in the Bourbon Royal Palace of Capodimonte, the Italy launched its proposal, also synthesized in the final document: bet on developing cultural tourism promotion, investment projects on common routes, accommodation and shared strategies. «This inseparable ingredient of cultural tourism said Fernandez-must be the real European vocation. A combination that should be at the top of the list of community investment». Also at organisational level, for the Government, Europe must change. «The Italian experience-where culture and tourism were merged into a single Ministry-should be followed throughout Europe ‘. Where now the EU has two different Commissioners, should be dedicated to a single Commissioner. Fernandez has not unbalanced: «we have traced the road, we’ll see what happens, respecting the decision-making autonomy of individual countries ". Expo 2015, opportunity for Europe first challenge for Italy is Expo 2015, to Fernandes ‘ an opportunity for Europe ". The Minister said he was certain that "trigger a virtuous competition mechanism: it is clear that we will fight because tourists arriving in Milan remain in Italy, but it is also true that the journey’s destination is Europe." To symbolize the transformation of tourism, the Minister cited China where the Expo was sold one million tickets: «we are accustomed to tourist destinations for culture. For the Chinese is not so: for them is before shopping, then the gastronomy, the cultural and artistic heritage. " It’s back to the beginning: impossible, now, to treat culture and tourism as watertight compartments. And indispensable study updated formulas at the time, from routes that bind countries to exchanges of residences for young artists. On the hypothesis of a single European brand for the promotion of tourism. . Original source may be read visiting the following article.

Orlandi: incoming new fiscal pact, more cooperation with enterprises.

The tax change and strategy, with an upcoming decrees delegates, comes the ‘ compliance ‘ cooperatives: a mechanism that allows voluntary "for" big companies to be supported by taxes, just to get the tax certainty on behaviour to be followed. Explained the Director of the Agenzia delle Entrate Rossella Orlandi at a Convention at the Luiss in Rome on ‘ tax Delegation: certainties and perspectives». To give the IRS "Orlandi so prior certainty. It is in the interest of everyone, because in 3. 000 larger spends 40% of taxation». The ‘ revolution ‘ to which the tax revenue agency is working, also collaborating in the drafting of mandates, is that a tax that does not play cops and robbers with the taxpayer but able to accompany him. " Arriving sanctions and a new ‘ Covenant ‘ Farewell to the much-feared persecutor tax citizens. Is coming a new ‘ Covenant ‘ based on trust between the State and citizens. The reversal, announced by Director of the Agenzia delle Entrate, relies on a simple tax on ‘ a revolution in ‘ and ‘ a Covenant between citizens and State. ‘ "Rather than pursue a pathology, that of evasion, "said Agency Director-taxation must be able to give certainty and confidence, accompanying the taxpayers ‘. For this ‘ must be able to be inflexible with evasive behaviors important, by measuring the penis. ‘ Fraud is not reduce emergency investigation Orlandi stressed that "fraud is an emergency" and therefore, in reviewing with the delegation the penalty system, if you ask that criminal trials are found within tight even for complex fraud, you are likely to frustrate the effort made to locate them. " The times should be "related to types of evasion, and if this insidious and relevant media uses are obviously different regulatory instruments». But the "fiscal revolution" to which the Revenue Agency is working, also collaborating in the drafting of mandates, is that a tax that ” does not play cops and robbers with the taxpayer, ” but that can accompany it. Zanetti: alarm, not delegation granted full implementation to speak at the Conference was also the economy Undersecretary Enrico Zanetti, who has raised the alarm over the timing for the tax authority. "It is not obvious that we will be able to implement the entire tax delegation ‘ by 26 March," we must give us a move, we can still do it, "said Zafar, requesting, inter alia, to correlate the criminal aspects of the infidels to the taxpayer’s behaviour. . You should click the following website to discover extra regarding this amazing subject.

BURKINA FASO. Why the country is engulfed.

Nevertheless, the scale of the protests, rare in sub-Saharan Africa, hit the spirits and could have consequences in the coming days. Thursday, more than a thousand protesters opposed to this reform penetrated, ransacked and burned the Parliament in Ouagadougou. 18 cars were destroyed in the Court and outside the building, offices have been ransacked, computer equipment was looted, and documents were burned. State television was also stormed. For the leaders of this opposition, it’s the black spring in Burkina Faso with reference to the Arab spring. It is article 37 in the basic law which is disputed. Majority and opposition to take regularly for months about this article limiting to two presidential terms, which prevents for the instant Blaise Compaoré, aged 63, to represent in 2015. In the Bill, it is question of bring to three the maximum number of periods. The opposition fears that this change in the basic law, which should not be retroactive, leads the head of State, already elected four times with scores Soviets, to do not one but three additional mandates, it guarantees 15 years in power. However, some leaders of the opposition are more virulent. Emile Pargui Paré, candidate to the presidential elections of 2005 and 2010 and framework of the movement of people for progress (MPP), young but influential, considers that the watchword that worth it is the resignation of the head of State. We are not going to be the people who will give the bad lesson to African peoples because it is an integrated people, he added. If Blaise Compaoré does not withdraw its draft, the people will give the right to make it clear. The European Union called Wednesday evening to the abandonment of the proposed revisions. Everything that may affect or put in question the stability, equitable development and progress towards democracy should be dismissed by mutual agreement in order to consolidate national unity, said the EU external action service in a release. We call on all parties for restraint and to refuse everything which is likely to encourage the use of violence, the EU has insisted. We recall our commitment to respect for the principles of the African Union in political and democratic alternation, she stressed. Any recourse to violence would be a serious setback for the country, warns the EU. . Related facts can be read checking http://c87971783b4e1b2d2ecc39db.lucaeisenberg.eu.

The Dad of the «Merry» surgeon doesn’t have money to operate.

Seems like a joke, but it isn’t. The creator of the famous board game «allegro», the American surgeon John Spinello, of 75 years, launched an online fundraising campaign because it does not have enough money to undergo an intervention. The man said to have sold over the years ‘ 60 the rights to his creation in a toy factory, the Milton Bradley, for only $ 500. Now, however, her insurance does not cover the entire cost of the surgery you must submit and is in financial difficulties. His colleagues and friends, Tim Walsh and Peggy Brown, have launched an online subscription on Crowdrise asking you to all those who, as children, had fun playing with ‘ L’Allegro ‘ surgeon, to make a donation to give a hand to its inventor. The goal was to collect the 25. 000 dollars to pay medical expenses. The initiative has had a complete success and not only collected the amount requested, but donations are also going over. John has published on a video that recounts the birth of the game, which has passionate generations of children worldwide, and thanks all for the help received. . Main facts could be read clicking this info.

Everything for the formula 1 title – Rosberg with mouth guard to America!.

The Englishman is located, already 29 points behind last four victories in a row, all of a sudden 17 meter front. Nico Rosberg know before the third race on Sunday (from 21: 00 live on RTL and the live ticker at PAG. de) in the Texas capital of Austin: if he can’t break the wave of success of Hamilton, the Championship floats further and further,. Rosberg to picture: "last winter, I’ve put some things in order. My diet to get the required weight and the mouthpiece on the plane. Lots of viruses through the air circulate in the plane. I was often sick in recent years on race weekends. This year not even and I think my energy level high. "Lewis Hamilton is already a week ago in America, visited two nieces of girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger (36) in Knoxville in California. He embraced and joked with the two ladies. Looks almost as if he ever does Papa,.Finally he spoke times "by first comes the World Cup title and then the family,.". You can check the following fact to discover more on this interesting subject.

Delivery of Mistral in the Russia: the conditions are not met, according to FIR.

A shot more in the game of poker played by the France and the Russia at NATO table? The conditions for the delivery by the France to the Russia of a first warship Mistral "are today not satisfied", said on Thursday morning on RTL, Finance Minister Michel Sapin. While Moscow claimed Wednesday that his army would take delivery of a first helicopter on 14 November, Michel Sapin partially kicked into touch: if he has not firmly denied the date, he preferred to repeat that the conditions were not currently met, which may suggest that the delivery will be if Vladimir Poutine shows its good will. "The conditions, what is? ” It is that in Ukraine, we are in a device that goes to normal, allowing to relax things, which makes the Russia to play a positive role,"the Minister enumerated.  "A certain level it gets better, other points of view there are still concerns, so today the conditions are not met", hammered Michel Sapin. Dubbed "Vladivostok", the first of the two war boats controlled by the Russia has made these last weeks of tests at sea off the coast of Saint-Nazaire but the constructor and the Elysée denied Wednesday.   The controversy over the sale of this helicopter carrier to Russia, subject to a series of sanctions the United States and the Europeans, resurfaced at the time where the armed conflict in the East of the Ukraine settled in the long term, the Kiev authorities and pro-Russian separatists showing, despite last week’s elections, unable to talk. Wednesday, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin said that the company "Rosoboronexport has received an invitation for November 14 to Saint-Nazaire where 360 Russian sailors (,.). for delivery to Russia of the first ship to Vladivostok and the launching of the second. At the same time, the daily Presse Océan published the official letterhead of the manufacturer DCNS invitation letter, dated 8 October and signed by its vice-president, Pierre Legros, which details the program’s official ceremonies planned from 10:30 to 15:15 on 14 November. Vice-President of the FN, Florian Philippot suspects the United States of wanting to sell these ships instead of the France.  "We must recover, stop being under the orders of the Americans. It obeys to Washington that asks us not to sell these weapons, perhaps because they want to do it for our simply», said the frontist head on France 2.  "Either we are present in Russia, leave other do so in our place. ” Rest assured, the United States and the United Kingdom do not apply morality in trade and military relations, they are very pragmatic and must also be. Or so if we apply morality, we stop to discuss with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China, continued Philippot who considers that the France "must honour" its "commitments". . Additional info can be inspected clicking page.

Brazil: the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange fell by 2.45% after Fed’s decision.

The Sao Paulo Stock Exchange closed Wednesday with a drop of 2.45 per cent to 51. 049 points, in the wake of the Federal Reserve monetary policy decision to terminate the asset buyouts to stimulate the economy. The Fed has put an end to its exceptional program of acquisitions of assets (treasuries and mortgage-backed securities) and maintained unchanged its key interest rates, warning however that if the progress of inflation and employment are faster, a first increase in rates could intervene earlier is it anticipated. This decision accelerated the fall of the Brazilian, already volatile stock market this week after the re-election of Dilma Rousseff, since this possible increase in US rates could have an impact on investment in emerging markets. The Brazilian market is more prone to fall this week because of its volatility after the elections. The reaction of the Fed accentuates this trend, told AFP Alex Agostini, Economist head of Austin Rating. The local market will continue to be volatile. He expects decisions on economic policy, fight against corruption and the Ministry of the economy, he added. Monday, the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange recorded a fall of 2.77% and the real fell 2.58%, to its lowest level since 2005, in the aftermath of the re-election of the left President Dilma Rousseff on his Social Democratic opponent and favorite of the business community, Aecio Neves. Tuesday on the other hand, the real rose and the stock market has caught up its losses by closing up 3.62%, after the head of State announced that it would adopt measures and would reveal a new economic team. Wednesday, real continued its climb and ended up 0.24% to 2.46% units the greenback. . You can read the following website to discover extra about this amazing topic.

Kabul, wheelchair basketball players want to forget the war.

Mines, mortars, polio, the young Afghan basketball-players today wheelchair bear the scars of 35 years of conflict but refused to ask victims. Wheelchair rotate in all directions on the field and fans applaud all break when the ball reaches the basket: it was disabled Wednesday in Kabul the final of the third annual women’s basketball tournament organized by the international Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). After 40 minutes of play, Mazar-e-Sharif won the title on Kabul by 26 to 9, but for many of these athletes, be on the ground Wednesday represents a major victory against adversity. Azima Ahmadi was only six years old when her home was hit by mortar fire from the Taliban who took the capital in 1996. The projectile has sent shrapnel in his left leg, ripping his nerves and paralyzing his foot of irreversibly. Azima has had to give up his dream of playing football, but basketball has made all his motivation and his competitive instincts. My message is that the disabled should not feel disadvantaged. Whatever your goals in life, fight for attaining them, explains the young woman of 23 years wearing the pink jersey of the team from Kabul and a black scarf on the hair. My dream is to play in European countries such as the Italy, the Germany and the France, she says smiling. Mariam Samimi of the winning team, was six years old she also when she stepped on a non-exploded projectile in the Northern Balkh province. His toes were torn. It was in 1996 and in the heart of the Afghan civil war, few care were available for this type of injury. -’ Don’t get discouraged’ – the young wife of 23 years, today social worker and accomplished athlete, also has a message to convey: don’t be discouraged, and do not tell + I’m not + capable, trust all the time, she said. During the dark years, Afghan health services were not better equipped to combat polio. Kamila Rahimi, 19 years, Mazar-e-Sharif also could not walk since she was a child because of disease. On the court, she forgets her handicap. I feel happy to play basketball, because I love being with my initially. When I laugh, they laugh with me, and when I cry, they cry with me, she says. The best players of this two-day tournament, which was also attended by Herat team (West), will be selected for the Afghan national team, explained to the AFP Alberto Cairo, head of the Orthopedic program of the ICRC in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan lives the war on a daily basis since the Soviet invasion in 1979, aimed at maintaining the country into the Communist fold, cold war. After the departure of the Red Army and a devastating civil war, the Taliban took power in 1996, before being driven in 2001 by an international coalition led by the Americans. Afghan soil is today one of the most mined in the world. Dozens of people are killed or maimed every month. The situation remains volatile today, at a time when NATO forces are preparing to leave the country by end December 2014, leaving behind a residual contingent of about 12. 500 men responsible for the support and training of the Afghan army. . Similar info can be found reading http://c87971783b4e1b2d2ecc39db.lucaeisenberg.eu.

Video shows daily harassment of a woman in New York.

More than 100 bad spells in ten hours: on the Internet, a video making the rounds, that has captured the everyday harassment of a woman in New York with a hidden camera. Cut together in the zweiminütigen can be seen as more than 100 men of the neutral black T-Shirt and jeans-clad Shoshana Roberts call afterwards. "Hey pretty, someone thinks you’re beautiful." You should thankful be!"or"you won’t talk? Am I too ugly for you?’ cried the men. If you think feminism is stupid, watch this video. THIS is why we need feminism. #YesAllWomen http://t. co/gUKMyWfbv4–Clare; (@ClarehTM) 29 October 2014 this video is amazing & shocking. Men of the world,, If you see a lady out & about just leave her alone! Please! RT http://t. co/SX89EgPojl-Katie Vale (@KatieJayneVale) 29 October 2014 but "Hollaback" feel is confirmed by the reactions produced the video. Meanwhile, furious men of the protagonists should have threatened with rape. "The threats show that we have hit a nerve," "Hollaback" co-convenor Emily May told the newspaper "Newsday". "We want that New York City finally sees that harassment on the street is not okay and that we must stop that as a city, to tolerate it.". For extended facts regarding this matter click http://c87971783b4e1b2d2ecc39db.lucaeisenberg.eu.

Diarrheal diseases in Africa: killer in the shadow of Ebola.

Nothing less than the future of Africa is at stake for World Bank Chief Jim Yong Kim. The UN Security Council sees a threat to world peace: Ebola holds the world in suspense as long no plague more. But in the shadow of this epidemic rages a disease that goes far beyond the number of their victims: diarrhea. The Ebola wave exacerbated the problem. Hundreds of children remain deficient in the moment and die – especially on really easily treatable diseases, says pediatrician Sara Hommel, who works in Sierra Leone capital Freetown. In contrast to Ebola however, diarrhoeal diseases are no medical challenge. Actually. Contaminated water is the main source of infection. Common pathogens in countries South of the Sahara are rotavirus, transferring them already using simple rules of hygiene, such as hand washing, can be prevented. In industrialized nations, the vast majority children survive an infection without permanent damage – often rich tea and bedrest. Against rotavirus, there is also an oral polio vaccine, which but not reached many children in rural and poor areas in Africa and Asia. . For additional facts on this subject click http://c87971783b4e1b2d2ecc39db.lucaeisenberg.eu.