Because those who oppose vaccines cannot be convinced to the contrary.

What is the best way to tell us? American scholars have tested a sample of 1759 parents. They were divided into four groups, each of which has been sent a different message, and then measured how had changed their propensity to vaccinate their children. The first strategy was that science has disproved the hypothesis of a causal link between vaccination and autism. This hoax is one of the warhorses of the groups anti-vaccines and is back in news these days for the Italian Court ruling, against which the Ministry of health has decided to appeal. When they receive the correct information, people tend to abandon the false belief, this however does not mean that automatically become more favorable to vaccinate. Many, in fact, simply change the reasons for opposition, shifting attention from autism to other risks (real or alleged) of immunization. The second strategy was to inform parents of the dangers of diseases against which vaccination is provided, but this has not improved the confidence in vaccines. Where the numbers of science do not arrive, you can get the story of a mother who saw her son getting a preventable disease? Not at all, the narrative strategy if anything has pushed the reluctant of the third group to emphasize the side effects of vaccines. The last card was showing pictures of unvaccinated children who are sick: it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words? Not always, unfortunately. The more hostile it reacted even more deciding the link between vaccines and autism. . You must read this blog to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

François Hollande overtaken by Kader Arif scandal.

This contractual failure would have resulted in compensation paid by the PS and not by the candidate Holland. Mediapart quoted member of Parliament Régis Juanico, Treasurer of the PS at the time, claiming to have disbursed 85. 000 euros in respect of compensation. François Holland team had estimated that the exceptional break fee were not likely to be considered as an expense to electoral character and did not justify to be registered in the accounts of campaign. Kader Arif resigned on 21 November after having been targeted by a preliminary investigation into suspicions of favouritism. The close to François Holland is believed to have influenced the award of contracts between the regional Council of Midi-Pyrénées and AWF Music and AWF (liquidated in may 2014). In addition by the brother of Kader Arif, these companies were founded by his sister-in-law and his nephews. The investigation has been transferred and is now in the hands of the national prosecution, created following the scandal of the Cahuzac case. . You must read this to discover more about this interesting matter.

Dylan project lost on the River: Bob hates it to look back.

Burnett: Nothing! It was him anyway. I listen to his music for 50 years, this is my tutorial on enough. It also helps that we know us already long private well. I know what is important to him, what is his taste. The potential new music had to fit naturally into the Canon of his other works. An experiment would not have me in mind. Burnett: No, I don’t. Bob hates it to look back. Funnily enough published the first selection of the basement tapes, while I was with him on tour. He recorded one of the songs in his concert program and lost even a word about it. Okay, I think we more not played shall be released once I. Bob was just not interested. Burnett: Oh yes! Is this a joke? -No! When I got the call, it sounded all dubious. It was not even clear how many of this Dylan lyrics are. I only got 16 text leaves. Then again eight. Then, at the end, there were 25. Everyone sought out, what he liked. It was like the time when the beat generation. We have used everything. Some was simply too fragmentary. Burnett: No, there was no preparation. Jim James of my morning jacket knew the original already by heart of bootlegs. But others had never heard a note of it. However, neither me nor Bob there were instructions. I tried to create only a similar work environment. I learned that in my work for Hollywood film scores: atmosphere is important! We have put us therefore also in a basement, on Capitol records. There were two large rooms, in which we nearly two weeks joined up. We did 45 songs in 12 days. All recorded live and analog. So how then, because it just better sounds. . You must check the following to read extra regarding this amazing topic.

Died in 10 years for ear surgery, parents: “tell us the truth”.

How is it possible that a healthy child may die for a banal ear surgery? This is what they ask, for months now, the parents of Joanna Fatello, the girl of 10 years died last March in a Roman clinic "Villa Mafalda". A little girl, indeed healthy, that has not passed that "routine" surgery: Joan had to be subjected to reconstruction of the tympanic membrane and died of heart failure. The family has filed suit against the medical team and the Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation. And now, months away from their loss, mamma and papà di Giovanna cannot help but seek justice and truth. Respondents, Matteo daRepubblica and Valentina Fatello speak for the first time. "After eight months no one has yet explained what happened", thus demanding a trial and the truth. They remembered what happened that day in the Roman Villa Mafalda Clinic: the intervention began at 9. 30 and then, at 14. 40, death. There are ten suspects, including the surgeon Joseph Magliulo, nurses, assistants, anesthesiologists Pierfrancesco Dauri and Federico Santilli. The position of the two anesthesiologists is the trickiest. "Too much silence around our tragedy"-Il papà di Giovanna explained that that morning she was not subjected to a pre-anesthesia, as it is usually done with smaller. The parents explained that he realized that something had gone wrong after an hour and a half from the beginning of the operation. With the surgeon who says that "the operation went very well, the rest very badly". Nobody explained anything, tell. No one has explained anything that day and neither did in the following months. Do not believe in the good faith of the doctors Giovanna’s parents because the mother explained, "there have been too many anomalies, too many contradictions". Wondering therefore whether a Tribunal to determine those who did wrong, to say once and for all as Joan is dead. "I’ve seen too much silence around our tragedy, and it’s not fair", so the little girl’s MOM. . For extended regarding this matter click homepage.

Frozen in Siberia: passengers push plane to the runway.

Startup Repair in the Siberian ice: passengers of flight have pushed a firmly frozen plane itself in the Russian region of Krasnoyarsk. The braking system of the Tupolev Tu-134 was frozen, as the machine at icy minus 52 degrees a day had been at the airport the city of Igarka, above the Arctic Circle, the Interfax agency reported Wednesday, citing authorities of the village located about 3,000 kilometers east of Moscow. Several passengers then proceeded to act and pushed the ton aircraft from its parking position. A rotated by one of the passengers, and posted on the Internet video shows how around 20 men clad in thick coats slide the machine type tupolev 134 before the setting sun in seemingly good spirits on the strong icy runway. The flight in the Krasnoyarsk territory capital was then easily lost, it said. There were 74 passengers and 7 crew members on Board of the machine of the regional airline UTAir. Wladimir Artjomenko contradicted the representation from the airline, the braking system of the aircraft had been frozen. The aircraft was technically accurate, he said. The local public prosecutor examines possible breaches of service regulations. The aircraft of the Russian airline Katekavia with 81 people on Board reached its around three hours distant destination of Krasnoyarsk without great delay. . Root data can be studied reading this source.

The riots of Ferguson, bread blessed for the Russia and its media.

A return to sender in response to the criticisms of Barack Obama and the sanctions against the Russia of Vladimir Putin, that the United States is accusing to intervene in the conflict in Ukraine, but also regularly of violating human rights. Ferguson events, marked by the deployment of 2200 members of the National Guard and dozens of arrests, have been widely commented and taken up in the Russian State media, in the image of voice of the Russia: nothing is better for the Russian propaganda that a good American mess in the former says the GlobalPost, quoting Alexander Domrin: and this is the kind of democracy you want to export? Not thanks, launched this Russian political scientist during a speech on a pro-government television channel. Always on television, the analyst Igor Korotchenko has estimated that the United States had stirred up hatred by encouraging the protesters in Ukraine but behave extremely severely at home. And that is what they call democracy. Accusations that recall the Washington Post a Russian fascination with racial issues in the United States which dates back to the time of the Soviet Union, and who has remade surface in the media, but also at the political level. Via a statement released Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sergueï Lavrov denounced the problems of racism and violation of the rights of ethnic minorities in the United States. . Root source may be studied visiting the following

Black Friday in France: Amazon, Fnac, Auchan, Cdiscount, La Redoute, Darty stores that will try the experiment in 2014.

CONSO – This year again, you see bloom promotions in your mailbox or in your emails. Whether the Fnac, Amazon or even Auchan, they all have this word to mouth: Black Friday. But what this mysterious Black Friday would be the opportunity to make advantageous purchases? We knew about the balances of winter and summer, but not really this Black Friday. And yet, this American tradition surfed on its success and begins to impose itself little by little in France. Other e-commerce players are in tune, with the leader Cdiscount and Fnac. This coin will also offer its Black Friday in-store. The Redoubt and Darty will also try the experiment this year, just as Auchan. The Distributor will propose monsters promos on 28, 29 and 30 November on the high-tech, champagne and chocolate. Auchan. FR will also cover the event. To communicate on the event, the channel will rely on 9 million of advertising leaflets and a radio campaign, Extended information can be inspected checking

Companies want to build new mobile network: join rather than just surfing.

Three companies split on the mobile phone business in Germany. Now a freshman against Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica is: liquid broadband wants to build the new network using the citizens. But now an unknown company has approached precisely, to join in this difficult business: liquid broadband builds here on the idealism a sharing economy. And that the State is serious about his commitment to the competition, which is written down in the law. This Wednesday, there is the deadline of the provider may comment on the first draft of the Federal Network Agency to the auction of radio frequencies. Then, it will be apparent whether also liquid broadband has a chance at this auction. Behind the Frankfurt company, some German medium-sized companies experienced in the industry are in his own words. The investors involved in the companies themselves have developed the technique, as chairwoman of Beate Rickert. She’s in boxes that are about as much as a traditional router and can be placed for example on the window sill. The box should be something like the radio mast in the traditional mobile phone networks in this civic network. The transmitting power is sufficient to secure the mobile reception in a radius of up to 500 meters. It can handle small radio cells, enabling faster transfer rates than the much larger radio cells in conventional networks. There so many people are namely peak with their Smartphone on the road, that the transmission falters – and, for example, the YouTube video is jerky. We establish an own full-fledged mobile network and not rely on existing third-party DSL connections. We are not freeloaders, Rickert emphasized. In addition to the small boxes, which each citizen can install, the company wants to build own radio stations – and cooperate with local authorities in rural areas in particular. Local interest, to set up such a box on the roof of the municipality and with build on the network so that was great. They want access to fast Internet namely as quickly as possible and cost effective. Instead of themselves at Telekom in the queue, we offer them the possibility to participate in the supply. If this is going on, is initially depends on whether liquid broadband comes at the auction of the frequencies to the course. The minimum bid for a block of valuable frequencies in the 700-megahertz range is 75 million euros. It currently isn’t looks, as if to countries and federal plus readjustments, to reserve a portion of the radio spectrum for a newbie – as this has been done for similar auctions in the Netherlands. . For additional data on this matter visit home page.

China: students of the Uighur intellectual, Ilham Tohti tried in secret.

Seven students of the imprisoned Uighur intellectual, Ilham Tohti were brought before a Chinese court in the greatest secrecy, accused as their Professor of separatism, revealed Wednesday a lawyer this trial a camera took place Tuesday, four days after Chinese justice upheld on appeal the penalty of life imprisonment imposed on Mr. Tohti, said Li Fangpingone of the defenders of the University. Seven students have appeared in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region where the Uighurs, Turkic Muslims, represent the first ethnic group. Six of them are Uighurs, the seventh as a member of another ethnic minority, that Yi, said Wednesday the Global Times newspaper, stating that they were from five to 15 years in prison. Students helped Ilham Tohti to hold a Chinese-Uighur bilingual Web site intended to encourage communication between Han, the majority Chinese and Uyghur, but accused by the authorities of inciting racial hatred and to promote the independence of Xinjiang. The verdict about them will be made at an unspecified date. The Criminal Court of Urumqi did not respond Wednesday to requests from AFP. Economist respected and regarded as a moderate voice, Ilham Tohti, Professor at the Central University of nationalities, has long denounced the crackdown on the Uyghurs of Xinjiang, without however requesting independence for this region. During his trial under high security in Urumqi, it had rebutted any separatism, saying have simply professed opinions during the course he gave at the University. The European Union and the United States, as well as various organizations for the defence of human rights, have criticized this trial, and unsuccessfully called for the release of the University. This verdict, which is extremely severe, considered by experts as optimistic predictions very wrong of any appeasement in Xinjiang, immense restive region of China guardianship and where violence and repression by the security forces have made hundreds of deaths since last summer. . You can check the following weblink to discover more about this interesting subject.

Architects to the brink of economic crisis: the median income at EUR 17mila.

Milan-median income of approximately 17 thousand euros; inflation-adjusted, loss-between 2008 and 2013-about 40% of the gross annual professional income; the 68% of the class has claims on private clients, while 32%, a third of the total of 152mila Italian professionals waits for payments from the public sector. These are some of the data contained in the survey on the status of the profession of architect promoted by the National Council of architects, planners, landscapists and curators in conjunction with Cresme and arrived at its fourth edition. On average, the days it took to get a payment from the Government arrived, in 2013, for architects to over 217 (129 were in 2010 and 90 in 2006); for those businesses we have moved from 114 days of 2011 to 172 in 2013; from 70 to 98 days regarding families. A problem, that of payment delinquencies, particularly severe especially in the South of the country, while it is strongly critical, to the North, the relationship with the banks: the 57% of Architects has debts with credit institutions, financial companies or suppliers. Neither seems feasible, according to the survey, the possibility-given this difficult situation-to initiate or increase their activity abroad, taking into account the size of professional studies that do not deal with the difficulties arising from operating outside the country. Are, in fact, about 70 thousand architectural studies in Italy, employing just an employee 1.5 external collaborators and architect with VAT number. According to data of the Agenzia delle entrate, reported by the National Council, the average annual turnover of studies, in 2012, was around 38 thousand euro, compared to 55 thousand engineering studies. As a result of all this, he warns, the profession will lose attractiveness by relentlessly de young: the total number of registered in a Bachelor of architecture, collapsed of 51% over the last 5 years (in 2012, compared to 2007, almost 7 thousand registered less), a distinctly more pronounced downturn than they signed up for the degree courses (17 percent). And it could not be otherwise, given that in 2013, a year after obtaining the title of second-level degree (master or master single cycle), the unemployment rate is arrived at 28.7% (9.7% in the 2008), 5 percentage points more than the previous year; five years after obtaining the title of the second level, the net monthly income of a young architect (average age about 32 years) is about 1. 200 euro. We are on the threshold of poverty-highlights Leopoldo Freyrie-presidente del Consiglio nazionale degli architetti-and without an about-face by the politics and Government, we are in danger of not surviving the crisis. The real answer lies in the launch and implementation of a major investment project of ideas and money on to intervene on 8 million buildings that start at the end of life; to save 25 billion euros per year of energy that is wasted in fact; to put the houses and towns safe from earthquakes and floods, to which even in these days we are forced to attend. to create public spaces that restoring a sense of community by recreating the conditions that bloom ideas, innovation and enterprise. . For more data regarding this topic visit homepage.