Venice Film Festival: Straying in the historical importance.

It should To give something so that someone made something in the head, contrary to all experience and reason, and then the fixed idea practiced what it cost. In life, already the attempt often goes astray. In the narrative arts, such ideas have greater opportunities. This is firstly because that fictional figures along with fixed idea can be invented, and on the other hand it has to do with, that is no later than after a few hours and all tests for such great love or the final purification in a nowhere beyond the fallen curtain must take place. The first is the cut of Hamburg Director Fatih Akin, a magnificent, expensive for German conditions production, which was preceded by a big rumor. The film is an exploration of the mass murder, which the Ottoman Empire against the Armenians in 1915/16 was perpetrated in the years stated. But that’s not true. Although, the story begins with the great battles, which were then up to two-thirds of the Armenian population of the Empire to the victims, especially in Eastern Anatolia. But the death marches, the bearings and the mass executions as this film only – if also in detail erzählter – occasion of very different events, namely the infinitely tedious and then also Go ahead in part successful merging of a family. Perhaps the depoliticisation of radical is the price of this ever a film audience, where the mass murder of the Armenians becomes the object – especially by a Director, who comes from a family of Turkish immigrants: Fatih Akin received after all, long before the film was somewhere, threats from Turkish nationalists. But the price is not too high? Or was it vice versa, namely, that the need to make an audience film, brought all intellectual potential from the outset to extinction? Good ten years covers the story in the Nazareth, finds the young blacksmith from Mardin (Tahar Radim), after the big murders after his two daughters, and even if a few white streaks in his dark locks are braided at the end, he keeps all hardships but, despite, the same face and same stature, and time and again he looks the viewer with its beautiful, mild, dark budding. When he caressed at the beginning, in the Idyll, preceding the disaster, his children, he does so at the level of a series, and if he is picked up by a manufacturer of SOAP on his long journey, he meets a wise old man in an Oriental fairy tale. . Main data could be studied checking the following web site.

World Equestrian: the Germany WINS everything, the fourth France.

Eventing remained German domain at the World Equestrian Games, with two medals of gold, individual and team, and another silver, Sunday at the stage of d’Ornano in Caen. Sandra Auffarth, 27 years, became Queen in front of compatriot Michael Jung (age 32), a short head (52 against 50.3 pts). The France was accelerated (251.5 at 246.8) for the bronze by the Netherlands, never such party in full. It doesn’t have to be ashamed of the performance. It loses the medal yesterday in cross, with two refusals of too many yet experienced riders (Jean Teulère, Cédric Lyard), analyzed the coach-coach Thierry Touzaint. There were also too many bars fell Sunday in the jump. Only the young (age 27) Maxime Livio completed a flawless, on Qalao of the seas, to finish fifth (58.5). During the next elections, Mr. Touzaint can rely on a promising generation, with also Thomas Carlile and Astier Nicolas, absent in the JEM. -Teamwork – Livio emphasized the blue team spirit, manifested during the minute of silence observed in tribute to Ivan Scherer, the father of Rodolphe Scherer, died Friday. Rodolphe completed net trick, but it does not count in the team ranking. This time, I did not win (it only had not happened to him since 2009, ndr), but it won the title by teams. Also I am not disappointed. Rocaná (his young nine-year-old mare) was good for three days, said Jung. Who had had to leave the stable Sam, the partner of the securities world, in 2010 in Lexington (United States), and Olympic in London. Originating from the region of Bremen (North), Auffarth took rental Opgun Louvo at the age of five, before buying a year later the chestnut, convinced of his great qualities, thanks to subsidies from the German Olympic Committee. Born to tens of kilometres from Caen, at Haras de the Louveaux, the 12-year-old gelding has delighted the public, a balm also to mitigate the disappointment of fourth place with + blue +. The catwalks are no longer a secret for the British. This time, they had to settle for the silver, and recognize the superiority of the Mannschaft, able to align four without fault in CSO. World number one, William Fox-Pitt also won the bronze medal in the individual event. The Londoner obviously regretted the blame on an oxer, making him downshift while he was in the lead after the cross. Without bitterness, he paid a tribute to chestnut Chilli Morning, 14 years. This is the best standard at this level. Actually, the integers are more rare in eventing, this + triathon + equestrian which requires a submission and a concentration of all times. . You can read the following to read more regarding this amazing subject.

+++ NewsTicker Landtag election in Saxony +++: Prime Minister Mr Tillich rules out coalition with AfD.

The right-wing NPD failed after the recent ZDF projection with 4.9 per cent short of the five percent hurdle and is therefore not move back to the Landtag. According to figures published on the Sunday evening of the election research group comes the CDU to 39.8 percent, the SPD on 12.4, the left party on 18.3 and the AfD to 9.9 per cent. The FDP is represented by 4.1 per cent therefore No more in the Landtag. He added: certainly we need a success as soon as possible, preferably in the always next election. A party in the extra-parliamentary opposition could but not within rebuild from months, what four years of trust was lost. The Liberals in Saxony would have chosen a Very much stand-alone way, Lindner said. The head of the State Parliament Greens, Antje Hermenau, showed relieved about the renewed collection of her party on Sunday in the Landtag. The result is more optimistic than some in recent days have thought, said Sonya. Recent polls saw the Greens around 5 percent. First projections from the Greens 5.3 to 5.8 percent. We must enthusiastically but also not be not sorely disappointed. The Saxon FDP has reacted with perplexity on their removal from the diet. At the election party in Dresden, leading candidate Holger Zastrow said on the Sunday evening before the party followers: you understand that? I’m not. The Liberals had fought in Saxony as the Lions, he said. More not about, you can do more. The FDP remained clearly below the five percent hurdle in the Landtag election in Saxony, Germany. With the retirement from the Parliament, the party loses their nationwide last government involvement at the country level. The participation in the Landtag election in Saxony is the second-lowest since World War II in Germany. According to first projections, only 48.5 percent of the electorate cast their votes. The turnout was only once before a State election less than 50 percent: in 2006 only 44.4 percent of the electorate voted in Saxony-Anhalt. The CDU has emerged as the clear winner according to a forecast of the ARD, must however seek a new coalition partner. The watch published forecast by infratest come dimap according to the Christian Democrats of Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich to 39 percent on Sunday to 18 00, her previous coalition partners clearly fails FDP with 3.5 percent from the five percent hurdle. The euro-critical AfD creates the leap in the Landtag with 10.0 percent right off the bat. The party comes to 19.0 percent, the SPD improved slightly to 12.5 percent and the Greens reached 6.0 percent. The far-right NPD could be represented with 5.0 percent again in the Parliament. In Saxony the CDU Minister President Stanislaw chose Tillich clear the election is. According to the forecasts published on Sunday by ARD and ZDF, the left party as the second strongest force can say ahead of the SPD. The AfD moves accordingly for the first time in a Parliament. According to forecasts, the FDP fails, however, at the five percent hurdle. After already at noon an even lower turnout than in 2009 to have emerged, the next value remains Very much low. Until 4: 00, 33.3 per cent of the beneficiaries their voice fired first, how informed the national electoral Director. Five years ago the turnout at this time was 36.4 percent in the previous election, it was due to end in 2009 of just 52.2%. Be proceed even under 50 percent of the Saxons to the election this year? The turnout still well below the values of 2009 is also at noon. 12 00 pm had gone in rainy weather and cool temperatures only 14.9 percent of the voters to vote. 2009, there were 19.4 percent at the same time. In the Chemnitz region clock had chosen 12 00 15.2 percent of the electorate, in the region of Dresden, it was 16 percent in Leipzig only 12.5 percent. It is expected a share by mail voters by 9.1 percent. As a new coalition partner till ego CDU the SPD has provided already, that will be the third-strongest force behind the left party. The Greens could create the re-entry in the Parliament polls. Eagerly awaited was the cutting off of the euro-critical party alternative for Germany (AfD), which could retract in Saxony for the first time ever in a State Parliament. Already at the European elections and the Bundestag election the AfD in the free State had achieved considerable success. In Saxony, the State elections have started. Around 3.4 million citizens are called upon to determine the composition of the State Parliament in Dresden. The CDU Minister President Stanislaw Tillich can expect according to polls, to become once again the strongest party. The-FDP ruling so far with the Christian Democrats has, however, little chance a re-entry in the State Parliament. Thus, the Liberals are before losing their last bastion of power. . You can visit the following page to read more on this interesting subject.

The EU concludes his statement on a background of crises all over the place.

The choice by consensus of Donald Tusk, age 57, of solidarity and close to Angela Merkel, reflects a significant rebalancing of the union towards the East. Central and Eastern Europe entered massively in the club ten years ago, found his first opportunity to exercise the highest responsibility. It is also a signal for Vladimir Poutine, although work of approach for the successor of Herman Van Rompuy had started well before the start of the Ukrainian crisis. The Poland is not yet a member of the euro, but Donald Tusk took the opportunity of his first press conference Brussels to defend a close line of one of the Rhine. Yes, the recovery patina and deflation threatens. Yes Francois Hollande and the Italian Matteo Renzi have reason to worry about an explosive unemployment rise. But, he added, "it is possible to combine budgetary discipline on the one hand and economic growth on the other. Polish Prime Minister knows what he is talking about: in seven years in power, his country has joined growing cumulative 20% with a constant reduction of public deficits. . Related text can be found reading resource.

FOCUS 36/2014 – IFO Chief Sinn accuses European Central Bank (ECB) illegal state funding.

Munich. The President of the Munich-based Ifo Institute, Hans-Werner Sinn, has strongly condemned the announcement by ECB chief Mario Draghi, to buy in the future also lazy securities in addition to state debt. The news magazine FOCUS the IFO Chief said: "what would like to operate the ECB, is no monetary policy, but an out shopping by States, banks and private companies at the expense of the taxpayer". The European Central Bank assured but not directly by States to buy debt papers, but by banks – the so-called secondary market. This distinction is virtually meaningless, according to meaning: "the holding period of the papers, which buys the banks from the ECB, is usually just a few days. This is a direct State funding of article 123 of the Treaty prohibits. "Through"Fiscal credit policy,"the ECB a bubble of foul papers build at the Central Bank itself, so the scientists in FOCUS. Case an allowance, German taxpayers would be liable with their governing share of 28 per cent. "If the southerners go bust, Germany’s share would be at 40 percent", so sense in FOCUS. . Extended facts can be inspected reading

‘Die people in Mariupol’.

A soldier carries a bracelet that fuses the flag of the USSR with the of the Russian Empire, a hodgepodge of identity that has pushed this rebeli n against the pro-European Government of Kiev. Sufficiency in the environment, is palpable although among the civilians there is fear of the next step. If they rush to attack Mariupol die a lot people on the two sides ‘ n, Alexei rumination, of middle age. EST fed up with the Ukrainian Government, but does not want a war. Some even you seem to desire it. Vlad and Andrei have 12 to you each one. The last arrived in Lugansk fleeing the war, and the first is aut ctono. Both spend hours playing games online in a local city: Mayor, I want to be a soldier, I was yesterday in a tank, presumed Alexei, looking horrified from top to bottom the world journalist when confesses you that he doesn’t know that b lic of the computer game play. But look what you’ve done, I’ve killed m!, protest their colleague Vlad from the computer’s side. . Related info can be inspected reading

Kiev says that the prorrusos have taken two towns in the East.

The same Lisenko had said earlier that his troops would not accept the humanitarian corridor that the separatists were offered to open to not take their weapons. Ukraine is not ready to deliver weapons and kneel before the aggressor. We will fight until the end and defeat, had assured the spokesman. In Moscow, the Deputy Minister of Defense, Anatoli Antónov, denied that Russia is involved in military actions taking place in Ukraine. The Russian Federation does not participate or will participate in military action in Ukraine, he said. In addition, Antonov hinted that West does not want that to be made public the results of investigations into the disaster of the aircraft shot down on 17 July in Ukraine, Malaysian when it flew over the zone of conflict. Why not have published until today talks between air traffic controllers and the pilots of the Boeing? Why have they not presented the data of international research on the black boxes? Who doesn’t want this make public?, he inquired Antonov, adding that Russia seems to be the only interested that there is transparency about the tragedy that took the lives of 298 people who were aboard the aircraft. . Extended text can be inspected visiting

Kerry calls for a global coalition against the Islamic State.

While this group – which notably claimed the beheading of the American journalist James Foley – has multiplied the atrocities in recent weeks, John Kerry called for a combined response led by the United States and the broadest coalition possible nations, in a gallery in the New York Times. The head of diplomacy American said that it would seek with the Secretary to the defence Chuck Hagel, to form this coalition in discussions with its western partners on the sidelines of the Summit of NATO, under Wales on 4 and 5 September. The two men will then travel to the Middle East to rally support among the countries which are most directly threatened. Friday, King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia warned Western countries that they would be the next target of jihadists, in the absence of a rapid response. If neglected, I’m sure that they come after a month in Europe, and a month later in America, warned. In neighboring Syria, where the conflict presents a more complex aspects, the rebels fighting now at once against the regime of Bashar al-Assad and their former allies of the EIS, the violence were soon three and a half 191. 000 deaths according to the United Nations. . Root source could be read checking this

Women’s football: Bundesliga starts with new sponsor and striker Boquete.

The women’s Football League in the season with the match between defending champions VfL Wolfsburg and the beginning SC Freiburg on Saturday so now has a title sponsor: A large insurance company can be the naming rights sold for the first time in German football for a League cost to nine million euros for a period of five years. Each of the twelve clubs receives it equally 100 000 euro per season. This is still no Alliance for life, but for women’s soccer, and especially for the smaller ones among the 12 first division clubs "a quantum leap", such as Siegfried Dietrich, the Manager of the FFC Frankfurt, says. "Our clubs cooperate with insurance agencies from their region and are challenged both because our sponsor will implement things and put in motion." Well, that should do the League especially at the sites of the lower half of the table. The new partnership could bring some so far rather phlegmatic assessed Association to wrestle a little bit more about public perception. So far, the new name sponsor mainly has distinguished itself, after as many as possible positive occupied female terms to search, so: anticipation, fascination, energy, emotion, passion, and they to ads or social media in conjunction with the League. "Hardly a route at the VfL Wolfsburg passes", says Theune Silvia Neid, who cares in the season before the World Cup next summer in Canada especially for the well-being of their internationals. She faces especially their players claimed in the European Cup from Wolfsburg and the Meisterschaftszweiten FFC Frankfurt of a large load. . For extended facts about this subject read website.

Besançon: dangerous patient still on the loose, his daughter accuses the prefect.

In three weeks, his salary will no longer effect. It is in these circumstances that in 2011, the man who has fled Novillars (Doubs) psychiatric hospital since Wednesday, had killed his fellow prisoner with a metal press of 4 kilos in the house arrest of Bonneville (Haute-Savoie). The gendarmerie, which launched a notice of research, j. dangerous. This Saturday, her daughter takes his defence and accuses the administration of being able to hear John Herbert right requests, which yet "treatable", says. "My father is not a monster, is not a criminal," hammers Solène Herbert with the Republican East. And to insist: "he is a sick man. It is the first victim of his illness. Today he is cured. "Very concerned for her missing father, believes that" his escape is an act of desperation due to the unjustified refusal of the prefect of the Doubs to grant a right of exit! On BFM TV, counsel for John Herbert confirms that several requests were made to the administration. ‘With his treatment, he is better’, she says. The man, a 52-year-old English, was declared irresponsible and inpatient office for murder. In 2010, he was sentenced to six months in prison for failure to perform socio monitoring related to a conviction by the Court of Assizes of the Doubs for the rape of his girlfriend. This is that in September 2011, he killed his fellow inmate, aged 42 years, in house arrest of Bonneville (Haute-Savoie). The staff of the establishment realized Thursday morning that the patient was no longer in his room at the centre hospitalier de Novillars. He had placed his guitar under the sheets to make believe that he slept. The gendarmerie since actively search the individual, with short brown hair, who measures 1.91 m, 84 kg. He speaks french with an English accent, and could be a carrier of eyeglasses, dressed in a bermuda, a light t-shirt and flip flops. Anyone who might have information about the place where he can call 0800 00 48 43. . For extra facts about this subject check