Créteil: an accused is hit in the face in the High Court.

A 35-year-old man was attacked Friday afternoon at 3: 45 p.m. in the Chamber of the High Court of Créteil by two men who fled.  Left free under judicial control after a hearing for ‘flights laptops and grivèlerie (Federal) of gasoline’, man came out of the deposit for the accused when two individuals have returned to the Court. They descended to the level – 1, hit him in the face and stole his mobile phone.   ‘Well battered’ according to police officers of the Court, the accused was then taken to the hospital Henri-Mondor de Créteil by firefighters. Known to the police services, the attackers however could take flight after this "settlement of accounts.   Responsible for the police Union Alliance, Jean-Michel Huguet denounces the obvious lack of resources within the Court of Créteil.  In addition to the lack of staff, the salle des pas perdus cameras are not connected. [. . . ] The people in the Court are more safely. "On 3 October, a minor had already escaped this Tribunal by jumping the guardrail of the box while it was presented before a judge of freedoms and detention. . For more facts on this topic check info.

Taxman, Dolce and Gabbana acquitted in Cassation because the fact there.

Ended with the acquittal by the Court of Cassation the long legal story of the fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana, long accused of tax evasion. The High Court today overturned the fact judgment of second instance of the Court of Milan carrying the two with full formula "because there". In particular, the third penal section of the Court of Cassation annulled the verdict without delay of the Court of appeal of Milan of April 30, 2014 that had inflicted to two stylists a year and six months in prison for tax evasion. This is the second time that the Supreme Court is expressed on the issue since in November 2011 had cancelled the proscioglimenti with reference, now the decision to cancel the sentence without reprieve. In the same trial acquitted all other defendants: the accountant Luciano Patelli, the c.e.o. Ruella and Christian Joseph Minoni. Acquitted last but with Alfonso Dolce, referral manager and brother of the designer, but the whole process is prescribed at the beginning of November. "We were sure!!! We are honest people!!! Italy W "wrote Stefano Gabbana hot on twitter immediately after learning the news of the acquittal. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in particular had entered in the viewfinder of the Irs for the creation in 2004 of a company in Luxembourg, and the pm was believed to be fictitious. The theme around which focused the whole process for the two designers was precisely whether the company had been artificially built to escape the Italian tax authorities or had an effective operation abroad. In the morning the Chief Prosecutor had asked for Dolce and Gabbana confirm appeals conviction for tax evasion, but with a slight tweak to the downside of the penalty for some offences prescription. For the Attorney General all the defendants indeed had acted "with malice" because "perfectly aware of tax evasion made a Tidelands-dressing in a fictive seat, that of Luxembourg, which was not operational since everything was decided in Milan". . Inspirational facts can be studied reading this

Death of the P – DG of Total: two suspects in pre-trial detention.

Two suspects have been placed in provisional detention and two others under house arrest by the Russian justice. These arrests take place in the framework of the investigation into the deadly accident in Moscow from the aircraft of the boss of Total, Christophe de Margerie. The head of track cleaners and a switcher from heaven were thus placed in pre-trial detention for two months. The flight control officer and a trainee switcher have, for their part, placed under house arrest for the same period. Russian experts of the MAK, equivalent Russian BEA, were held Thursday the thread of events leading to the accident in relying on images of the airport surveillance cameras and from voice recordings of the black boxes. According to them, the pilots of the aircraft by Christophe de Margerie saw snow 14 seconds after the start of the take-off procedure and called it machine crossing the road. However, the observed object was not regarded as a threat and take-off proceeded normally. Fourteen seconds later, the Total aircraft collided with the snow thrower while he had already taken off, switching to the right side before crashing to the ground. . For extended insights regarding this matter check

Daddylicious: Butt up and out with you!.

The summer passed with a recent flare up, the days are getting shorter, the air is colder and therefore in many lousy mood. Now it means to store the Hawaiian shirts and Flip-Flops back deep in the closet. Wistfully, it faces the children fleet of tricycle, Kettcar, impeller, Bobby car, and skateboard and want to put everything in a dark part of the garage, because wise saying you remember Grandma’s: there is no bad weather, just the wrong clothing. And that counts now. So, ass up and out! Have you ever asked yourselves why the incipient autumn and winter looming as little joy makes you? Maybe because your parents used with long Flunsch in the bedroom are shuffled and with a view of the dismal morning sky and the words na super, already back grey in the bathroom are gone? Something rubs off. While we can promise you one. This is your young pretty no matter how hot or cold it is outside. A playground is always appealing. Also with large puddles and slippery climbing towers. Maybe even just then. Because it is now almost alone. Free car with Marzipan, while the most other plugs into blankets are packed and shipped in front of the TV. Or at least mostly stay in your own four walls. . For additional facts about this topic check

Borussia against Bayern: Guardiola ennobles Gladbach.

Coach PEP Guardiola but know that Gladbach can cause problems and praised the opponent on Friday in the highest tones: "Mönchengladbach is a top team, a Champions League team," was the Bayern coach, who wants to know anything of a possible preliminary decision in the title battle. "It’s funny, we’re talking about the Championship in October," said Guardiola. This is disrespectful to the other teams. Mario Götze prefer wants a continuation of the presentation in Rome. "I hope that it turns out like," he announced via "Image". That they beat Bayern of last too much form and in the League only with Hamburger SV, points gave Schalke (1:1) (0-0) and FC, has not escaped of course the Gladbachern. Chanceless, Gladbach not see itself, even if one believes the Bavarians in a different League. "We are trying to annoy them, and as long as possible to deal with. In 90 minutes everything is possible"said scorer Kruse, who thinks the name"Bavaria Hunter"presumptuous. . Extended information can be found visiting web site.

Smoking ban also applies to associations – Music Club in Munich will remain smoke-free.

The ban on smoking in restaurants can not be avoided through the establishment of an association. As the Federal Constitutional Court in a decision published on Friday decided that smoking may also be for Club events banned, if they are publicly accessible (AZ: 1 BvR 3017/11). In Bavaria applies a strict smoking ban, including in cultural and recreational facilities, as well as in restaurants. The appellant is Managing Director of a limited liability company, operates a bar in Munich. To circumvent the smoking ban, she founded a club that has leased the bar for the exclusive use in 2008.    Their appeal, however, facing adopted the Federal Constitutional Court due to missing chance of success not to the decision. Freedom of Association was not injured. The smoking ban threatens neither the Foundation nor the continued existence of the Club. In addition, a Club have no further rights as individual citizens. What was prohibited to individuals, could be not legal therefore through common action in a club. . You must read this to learn more about this amazing topic.

Poll: Ixè declining Pd, M5s and Lega Nord. Increase undecided and abstentions.

Diminishing confidence in the Government Radio. Grows slightly Force Italy. For 68 percent of Italians polled for Agora Rai is right to cut down the Democratic Party, but also the confidence in Government Renzi. Negative trend for almost all parties. Down the League and to a greater extent the movement 5 stars, with WiFi and the other parties (with the exception of civic Choice) that register light progress (in the order of one to two decimal places). Grows also the party of no vote: is more than a third of voters (35.5 percent). It’s the photo of voting intentions that emerges from the weekly poll for Agora-Ixè Rai3. As far as trust in Government, stands at an altitude of 45%, two points less than that recorded last week. Declining confidence in political leaders, from Matteo Renzi and Beppe Grillo, who lose both two percentage points against a point missed by others. The premier is still a 47% share, followed in order by Napolitano (38 percent), cricket and Salvini (19 percent), Berlusconi (15%) and Alfano (13%). Extended info can be read checking website.

Lellouche (UMP) judge fort Café that the EU wants to reject the french budget.

Pierre Lellouche, UMP Deputy of Paris, held very strong Friday of coffee that the European Commission wants to, according to him, reject the budget which falls under national sovereignty, after the letter sent by Brussels requesting clarification on the 2015 budget. Former Secretary of State for European Affairs, interviewed on France Info, deplored that the Commission has a right of scrutiny of the European Commission on a draft budget (being) discussed at the Assembly because the budget, it is national sovereignty. He regretted that the France had (it) signed this text which allows the Commission to look at this budget. It (the Commission) has very want to say that it does not want, but on the other hand diplomatically does not humiliate one of the founding countries of the Union. We’ll try to coat everything. It goes back to Mr Moscovici to explain the letter to the French next week, he threatened, in reference to the former Minister of the economy of François Hollande, who will occupy the post of Commissioner for economic and financial affairs in the new European Commission invested Wednesday. The former Secretary of State has proved to be very critical of the EU. There is no political Europe, we had two dismal Commissions with Barroso, he said. . You should check this to learn extra regarding this great topic.

Checky and moment: get to leave.

Typically, the iPhone is the last thing I have dinner in the hand and the first on which I look upon waking. While the coffee is running through, I look also to the iPhone while brushing your teeth. And on the way to the subway, I avoid it again only by a maneuver at the last moment in someone to run into, which stares like I just on his screen. In the subway I read articles on the iPhone, I get out and network, which I quickly look for new messages on Whatsapp or Facebook. And those were only the first 50 minutes of my day. That’s not healthy, I know. That I should change things, too. But as for most, it is the most convenient, excessive jumping action for me, too, because always available. At the hairdresser, it distributes the time until it is your turn, at the party, it bridges the void until the friends arrive. The constant ringing and vibrating in your Pocket interrupts me in everything I do: even with exciting movies I watch occasionally briefly on the screen. Why? I don’t know. There are entire studies, which show that the constant grip can lead to the Smartphone to mental disorders such as anxiety or major dissatisfaction and stress.  Troubling prospects. The problem: I can appreciate a difficult how often I really see a day on my iPhone, what can I change also. At least so far. Now I start the digital extraction, all people with a Smartphone app. More precisely, with two. Moment and Checky belong to the family of the tracking apps that we monitor our sleep, our steps and our calories and that lead to a healthier, better me ideally. In this case, that means: a self that spends more time with him and less on the iPhone. Once installed is one moment in the background of the minutes you spend on the iPhone, and remembers mercilessly every time, because you take it in the hand. To reach certain brands, moment warning flashes on the display: you have spent already 15 minutes on their iPhone, says me around ten o’clock in the morning.   Kevin Holesh, programmer from Pittsburgh, had the idea for the app, the iPhone began to gnaw on his marriage. He and his wife had spent more evenings to their displays staring, instead of in the eyes of the others, he says. I just wanted to live more in the moment so Holesh. I have a feeling that Kevin understands me. Also Checky me shows how often I reach for the iPhone and how that develops over the days. On a map, I can see where I most often do: in the home, in the Office, and at a metro station, in which I have received on the way in between. How many minutes of my day I to spend at the end facing down, hiding Checky me unfortunately. Still, more than 250 000 downloads give me at least the comforting feeling that otherwise only well-conducted give: I am with my problem and the desire for more reality as a virtuality not only. What the apps unfortunately don’t tell me: where do I start saving? Neither time nor Checky to distinguish between the important and the unimportant handles to the Smartphone. Is it an E-Mail that can’t wait? Or just plain boring wiping through photos on Instagram? And at least in the test phase I attack alone for this reason more often to the iPhone, to see, how many times I have fallen to the iPhone.   . Main data could be read clicking this

New York, two agents were wounded by blows to accept, killed the aggressor: on his Facebook picture of an Islamic fighter.

on the outskirts of Queens. The assailant, identified by the name of Zale Thompson, 32 years old, was killed by two other policemen. Investigators did not say, but that he may be an act of terrorism not excluded. Early information suggests that the assailant had a Facebook profile with the image of an Islamic fighter and a prayer written in Arabic, but the news was not yet confirmed. The story is not considered a terrorist act, because we are still in the early stage of the investigation the Fbi release. However, the same intelligence pointed out that the incident has made it necessary to increase the level of alert among law enforcement agencies and Government against random attacks, especially after the attack on Parliament to Ottawa, where a man opened fire killing one soldier. According to an initial reconstruction, thanks to a video taken from the crime scene, the aggressor in New York had targeted a group of policemen as they walked 4 on Jamaica Avenue in Queens, and was following them hiding behind a bus shelter. When a freelance photographer has stopped to take a photo, Thompson launched toward them and struck them with the axe. One of the policemen, Kenneth Healey, a 25-year-old recruit was wounded in the head and hospitalized in serious, but stable condition; another colleague was shot in the arm. The other two policemen opened fire on the attacker, killing him, but one of the bullets hit the back a 29-year-old woman was hospitalized and subjected to an intervention. His condition is stable, but not yet out of danger. Not yet know the motive of the attack said the police commissioner of New York, Bill Bratton. It seems to that the detectives have checked the Facebook profile of the aggressor, which pops up a picture of an Islamic fighter. Conversations also revealed that General terrorism chatted with a friend. Thompson also had a previous criminal in California and had been kicked out of the Navy. Following the accident was issued an alert to all policemen to maintain a high State of alert. Please tell your staff to remain vigilant at all times stated in the message sent to the Police Department of New York. Back the fear of terrorism in New York. Two policemen were wounded by blows to accept, one seriously, in an attack which occurred in broad daylight. For extra data about this topic visit info.