Gonzalo storm sweeps across the South.

Berlin – snow and squalls rather than T-Shirt weather: the autumn low Gonzalo launched attacks in Germany. Several people were injured. After Golden October, the temperatures in the basement murmured in many parts of the country. South Germany: Damage in millions caused storms especially in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Firefighters and police moved in on hundreds of missions, rail links were closed due to fallen trees. Several ships were damaged in Lake Constance, the Black Forest, a regional express collided with a tree. Storm surge: Became known first no major damage despite the storm surge in the North Sea. The flood swamped several cars at the ferry terminal in Bremerhaven. The ferry to the East Frisian island of Langeoog, Borkum and Norderney temporarily interrupted their operation. Storm surge is considered to be a water level of 1.50 to 2.50 m above the average flood. Snow: The highest mountain of Baden-Württemberg, the 1493-metre Feldberg, the first snow of the season fell in the night. Three inches were first broke down, the German weather service in Stuttgart said. Also from the 1215 m high mountains in Saxony, snow was reported for the first time in this year – two inches. In Carlsfeld and Marienberg in the Ore mountains, there was also the first white flakes. REFUGEES: Two refugee tents in Nuremberg had to be cleared after heavy rain and fierce gusts of wind. The accommodations were demolished so, that they were uninhabitable, said a spokesman for the Refugee Council. The drenched residents were placed in other accommodation – a different tent and a former furniture store -. In Erlangen, about 40 refugees had to Dodge temporarily in a gym. PROSPECTS: The heavy storm only one episode, Andreas Friedrich by the German weather service in Offenbach said. Only at the edge of the Alps there would be even longer time effects by Gonzalo. Such storms and Kaltlufteinbrüche in the fall happen on average every year once or twice, the meteorologist said. The recent change in the weather was not atypical. What we are experiencing now is a return to normalcy, actually this time of year, said Frederick. Alps: In the Austrian regions of Kufstein and Schwaz, about 30 000 households without electricity were late Tuesday evening. The fire brigades in Tyrol for numerous missions moved out due to massive damage and rock falls. In the Switzerland gusts were up to 185 kilometers an hour police and firefighters in breathing. In the Zürcher Oberland there were several accidents on the highway because of the weather. Train traffic was interrupted in places. The snow line fell in the Northern Switzerland under 1000 meters. . You must read this article to discover extra regarding this amazing topic.

Doctors: exceedances of abusive fees down.

A little less than a year after its implementation, the strategy to combat the exceedances of the physician produced mixed results. The subject, who is anxious to heart health Minister Marisol Touraine, was the subject of an original prepared by health insurance and that Le Figaro is procured. This document was presented Wednesday at the Observatory’s pricing practices, made up of representatives of doctors, complementary health and social security. It emerges that the 29. 000 doctors practicing free rates have slightly moderated their fees since the beginning of the year. "The reversal of the upward trend in the overflow rates observed since 2011, confirmed in 2013, strengthens to mid-2014", notes the report. Exceedances of fees increased from 55.1% tariff safely in 2013, to 54.5% over the period. Doctors having dropped most tariffs are paediatricians, dermatologists, endocrinologists, psychiatrists and Gynecologists. At the same time, specialists more often applied tariffs safely. Then, it seems that the number of members to operative, more than 11. 000, has only marginally increased since the entry into force of the device over a year ago. The question of its attraction for newly installed physicians. In contrast, prosecutions and other warnings against practitioners who charged "excessive" overruns, over twice and half the rate safely have apparently caused some effect. And this, despite the fact that very few practitioners have been sentenced so far. Hundreds of doctors targeted last year, at least by a letter of warning, planed their rates of 24.4% believe health insurance. Their exceedances, which culminated in 181% on average, passed below the fateful 150% triggering proceedings, to 136.6%. . You must click the following web site to read extra about this interesting subject.

Bands of girls: being and neon.

Nietzsche, who was not a fool half, although some is still questionable, stung this quote in the form of path of life to Pindar, Greek poet died in Argos in 438 before j. – c., and thus fallen from a lease in the public domain: become what you are. The formula full of this expensive also said Pindar better how each must make do with chance and necessity, inheritance and free will: become what you are when you have learned it.   The cinema, which often mixes fates combining effects of mirror and romantic, is ultimately very pindaresque. It testifies to the world and helps to get to know oneself. As a form of learning. Some films are the exact echo those of Céline Sciamma, who, with water lilies, Tomboy and now girls strip, tells precisely the difficulty to become.   Arise, be. Or not. As said Hamlet, without breaking eggs but with a sense of the Manisha appropriateness of obvious anguish. And for grace, 16-year-old daughter of the cities, black teen caught between his family and his desires, dreams and the neon light, it is time to learn to write his life. Make body with a bunch of girls, between Scrums, Rimmel and dance on Diamonds of Rihanna, then follow his path. She was alone, she becomes singular.   If the last part, too cinema because that too manufactured, makes me WinCE, the film becomes, over time, the portrait of a girl of today who learns the world, her smiles and tears, to advance high head. One step after the other. And it is beautiful.   . You should read this http://6e84a56c61779f9fec7bcb4e20a76.com-data-map.eu to read extra regarding this great subject.

Poverty and dirt in Paris: Hidalgo does not conceal its concern.

If the State has a share of jurisdiction and responsibility, particularly with regard to assistance to the needy and Department city of Paris has committed since 2001, in a "very proactive action" with the construction and renovation of emergency (9000 seats) accommodation centres, the number of homeless people in Paris is progressing at an alarming. "It is true that we are facing a serious phenomenon. The economic crisis throws at the street of families with children. "As other major world cities, populations of refugees flock to Paris (Egyptian, Tunisian, Kurds, Syrians,.) and we must also deal with the reception of unaccompanied foreign minors and Roma families", notes Anne Hidalgo. The PS of Paris Mayor asked Dominique Versini, his Assistant responsible for solidarity, working on the subject. "We must support, with all our public and private partners, more effectively", considers the Mayor emphasizing that shelters are already saturated before the cold great plan. She added: "the situation is extremely worrying. Each night, the 115, the Samu social, welcomes 28. 000 people and nearly 300 people remain in the street, including families with children. There are approximately 2000 foreign minors isolated in the capital today, which many children come from sub-Saharan Africa. "She Paris must play its role of ‘sanctuary city’ concept developed by all major cities of the world affected by the same problems as New York, Rome and Athens. For Anne Hidalgo, who does not wish that Paris is "a city of fractures and saturation", it is essential to maintain a "high level of investment" to fight poverty. "No one will win these people to remain in the street, she warns, we know that it will pay still very heavily, both at the individual level in terms of cohesion and violence of society." The other scourge of the capital is clean. In many districts boards, it emerges as the primary concern of the Parisians. "It is a real problem, admits Anne Hidalgo, it deplores many unacceptable incivility and I also note a degradation that displeases me. ” The Mayor refers to ongoing actions such as the deployment of 30. 000 baskets for butts, 200 additional superloos and ephemeral toilet. «It is true also that the Parisians live more and more outside, which I would like account in my planning policy to accommodate this new need townspeople», says the Mayor discloses that the Parisian public space is now very busy. "I want to put the means on cleanliness, we need to adapt" insists in evoking a "very constructive" discussion with the mayors of the Borough of right and left. The Deputy in charge of these matters, Mao Panlaqui, is working on a cleaning plan and must examine all tracks (hardware building, organization, human resources,.). Anne Hidalgo hopes to capitalize on its proximity to mayors and councils of districts that could take on more functional responsibilities, as they express a need. "We can be more effective. Early in the year 2015, we will present to the Parisians an operative, perhaps on an experimental basis", concludes the Mayor of Paris. . Root source could be read clicking the following http://6e84a56c61779f9fec7bcb4e20a76.com-data-map.eu.

The flying skateboard “Back to the future” was not yet invented.

The "Hardeyeyhe Hoverboard" designed by the Arx Pax company (founded by Greg and Jill Henderson in Los Gatos, California) certainly happens to fly, but much less than Marty. According to the prototype videos presented in the media and on Kickstarter, the gear can move only at a few centimetres from the ground – 2.54 cm exactly. And provided that it is above a driver support specifically designed for this purpose. As explained by science and future, this metal surface is necessary to "push" the four present magnets under the Board – which are powerful enough to support people of all sizes, and all weight, depending the Kickstarter page. The ten people who gave more than $ 10,000 on Kickstarter to receive the ten first «Hardeyeyhe Hoverboard» must have an adequate trail for them to fly. Tests of American journalists (to read on the New York Times, The Verge, SFGate, or even CBS) speak of a ‘Hardeyeyhe Hoverboard’ certainly ‘fun’, but which is also a lot of noise, is heavy, not very fast and easily manageable.  It requires a powerful battery, which must be recharged after seven minutes of specific use the Telegraph. His goal with this project is not necessarily to create a flying Board that will be used in urban areas (which would require, moreover, many facilities) but coming to prove that these "hoverboard" technology can operate and serve in another context, details the New York Times. . Additional data can be read clicking http://6e84a56c61779f9fec7bcb4e20a76.com-data-map.eu.

No idea of the Rosary: The Bavarians don’t understand her gift from the Pope.

It must have been very exciting 15 minutes devoted to Pope Franziskus of the victorious team of FC Bayern Munich in the early Wednesday morning. On the eve of the team with 7-1 in the champion league match with AS Roma had triumphed, and now it was allowed to visit the football enthusiasts Pope Franziskus in the Vatican with the President and all companions. However, the meeting in the Apostolic Palace took place as the Club later reported, but as in all occasions of this kind before the general audience in the reception hall of the "Paul VI Audience Hall". And then the Pope should have received even Bayern Munich with the words: "You’ve played a beautiful game yesterday". Actually, the Pope said after the recording of Vatican Radio: "I heard what result came out last night. "I would like to say only one thing: no comment!" So, it had heard also Bayern Chief Executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge; as he said to the audience that the Pope does not have the yesterday’s game have said, had been "very diplomatically". Rummenigge, who had played once in Italy understood the Italian of Pope, also spoke with him in this language. While he announced the donation of one million euros with a leather ball as a gift before the Pope could use discretion. The money is to come next year from the proceeds of a friendly game. . Related information can be read visiting http://6e84a56c61779f9fec7bcb4e20a76.com-data-map.eu.

Bleak prospects for local public investment.

The Postal Bank confirmed Wednesday the dark prospects on the holding of investments of local authorities, predicting a sharp decline that could be around 15% for 2014 and 2015, to the chagrin of professional construction and local elected officials. Local public investment, which should rise to 53.5 billion d? euros, is declining by 7.4% this year, and the decline in 2015 should be of same magnitude, or even more, according to the situation of the Postal Bank unveiled Wednesday note. This succession of two also declines would be a first, according to the survey, which the data refer to the whole France. Certainly, retrenchment is always sensitive in municipalities and communes Department in election year – municipal elections took place in March-, heavier investments being engaged previous years to be visible to voters the election year. But rarely at this point: the decline in 2014 will be l? one of the strongest since the first laws of decentralisation of 1982, estimated the Bank. The net outflow concerns Commons (10.2%), followed by the communes Department (-5.6%), then the departments and regions (-3.4%). Reported number of inhabitants, the capital expenditure would be more low in 2014 (794 euro) than in 2004 (851 euros). -Impact on budgets of the associations – according to the Postal Bank, the conjunction of weak growth, the reduction of allocations and atony of the tax revenue, could induce a decrease in investment spending in 2015 of same magnitude than observed in 2014. In 2013, the local investment had grown by 4.8%. This year, the funds paid by the State to local decrease of EUR 1.5 billion, they will drop 3.7 billion next year and for each of the next two years. A shock to the local budgets, according to one of the experts of the Postal Bank, Thomas Rougier. During the examination of the budget in the Assembly last Friday, these cuts had led to a shot of the right wing opposition dam, front left and a minority fraction of the Socialists. If we do not invest, it won’t restart activity, affirmed the Slinger Jean-Marc Germain. Under pressure of Deputies, the Government did vote support measures, although this is not enough to reverse the perspective, Thomas Rougier told the press. Concerned by the drop in orders of communities who fear the sector job losses massive, thousands of entrepreneurs and employees of public works demonstrated last week everywhere in France. For Serge Bayard, President of the Banque postale local communities, the reduction of allocations will also have a real impact on the financial situation of the associations. Is that at the very beginning, he said. If capital expenditures are declining, it is, note the Postal Bank, due to a further erosion of l? self-financing of local authorities: for the third year in a row, their gross savings (surplus of income over operating expenses) would decrease, 5.6%. Debt should, however, marking time. Current income and communities increase only slowly (+ 1.2% in 2014), particularly d? a low growth of tax revenues (+ 1.4%, excluding resources transferred to the departments and regions) and a stable fiscal pressure. Side operating expenses, the downturn seen since two years is confirmed this year, but the increase still expected to reach 2.9% in 2014. Same goes for personnel costs (+ 3.2% after + 3.4%), consequence for part of several Government measures. For the Postal Bank, the control of certain operating expenses takes time. . Root source can be found clicking this blog.

Rome, overwhelmed on the scooter after the stadium, dying father and son of 7 years.

Returning home after the Champions League match at the Olympic Stadium between Roma and Bayern Munich. Father and son of 7 years traveling aboard their scooters in via Nomentana, on the outskirts of the capital, when a car has them overwhelmed by invading the opposite carriageway and killed. The child who would have been 8 years old in a few days he died instantly, the-old father, who had worked as a steward at the stadium, carried by 118 died after admission to hospital Sant’Andrea. On the spot for the reliefs were the carabinieri of Mentana. The incident happened at around 23. 30 at kilometer 22 of the via Nomentana, in Mentana. Father and son were returning home aboard a T-Max when they were run over by a car driven by a Romanian of 40 years clean, with two other compatriots by 37 and 20 years, which were brought into the Green code at Sant’Andrea and Pertini. From an initial reconstruction, the car from Mentana, arrived at high speed cornering and invaded the opposite lane then beating father and son. . For more information on this topic read info.

Mexico, citizens organized to investigate the disappearance of 43 students.

They decided to carry out a parallel investigation, in collaboration with the police and not at odds, but becoming detectives for spirit of truth. The citizens of Iguala, in Mexico, have formed a Committee to start the research of forty three students missing from three weeks and suspected to have been kidnapped and killed by drug gangs. The Committee also asks the police to identify the bodies found in some was near the city, that are not of the boys disappeared, but of which the people of Iguala claim to know their names. According to the Mexican newspaper Excelsior, corpses would be over one hundred, and many are not identified. To Guerrero investigations and public safety are now being taken in hand by the Mexican army, intervened in support of the federal police to handle one of the most difficult cases for internal security of the country in recent years. The staff of some commissions under the Central Government. The armed forces are in the field with the Navy, 17 helicopters and sixteen dog unit. From the Mexico City President, Enrique Pena Nieto, announced a reward of 100,000 dollars to anyone who provides information useful to help real to find students. Missing children attended Normal School of Ayotzinapa and they don’t have more news from the night of September 26, when there were violent clashes which killed six people. The Mayor of Iguala, Jos Luis Abarca, lies in an unknown location by that night. . Extended data can be read checking http://6e84a56c61779f9fec7bcb4e20a76.com-data-map.eu.

Dieudonné Soral and create their party, last two anti-Semitic delirium.

This is not the first time that the two men, very close politically and financially, decide to make policy. In 2009, Dieudonne and Alain Soral started in the European elections with anti-Zionist Ile-de-France of the party list. The failure was complete and without appeal. According to documents that Mediapart was able to consult, the National Reconciliation party is domiciled at 3 rue du Fort of the Briche, in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). At the same address, there also equality and reconciliation, and the Publishing House of Alain Soral, Kontre Kulture, put in question for having published several books with strong anti-Semitic overtones in 2013. The party will be co-chaired by Alain Bonnet, said Soral and Dieudonné me bala me bala. Alain Soral was sentenced on appeal to 2. 500 euro fine on 16 October for defaming the former PS from Paris Mayor, Bertrand Delanoë, laying against him charges of illegal enrichment and pedophilia.  Three-month suspended prison sentence and 10. 000 euro fine requested in October against the extreme right-wing polemicist, who is accused of incitement to hatred, discrimination or violence against journalist Frédéric Haziza and the Jewish community. At the same time, the funding of the National Reconciliation party Association is created and will be intended solely to raise funds and receive public aid in the event of election. The two men are already preparing their application for approval to the Board of the campaign and the financements politiques (CNCCFP), according to Mediapart. Alain Soral can also count on another source of financing: internships commandos promoted on the site of equality and reconciliation, as revealed in the Obs last August. The courses are organized by the Group survivalist take the maquis, led by a relative of Alain Soral and Piero San Giorgio. A group that intends to train for the modest sum of 200 euros, responsible citizens to the defence, the social link and first aid. In fact, a promotional video book an any other face where trainees are introduced to self defense and weapons to fire (dummy, according to the association) involved in obscure conferences on the Triune brain and the conflict. As revealed by Mediapart, in recent months, equality and reconciliation enjoys a wave of accessions and today would be 12. 000 people. The association of far right of Alain Soral, created to anchor the FN in the suburbs, is also restructured into regional and local sections. The poles of competences have even been created: activism, event, localism-ecology, communication, ideas and theoretical training, external relations. . Extended text can be inspected visiting http://6e84a56c61779f9fec7bcb4e20a76.com-data-map.eu.