U.S. Health Agency – first Ebola case in the United States diagnosed.

For the first time, a patient with Ebola has been diagnosed in the United States. It was a patient in the U.S. State of Texas, the U.S. health agency announced on Tuesday of the News Agency dpa CDC and thus confirming media reports. The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas had previously communicated that it investigate a patient in an isolation ward, where the suspicion on Ebola.    More than 3000 people have fallen according to the World Health Organization (WHO) the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The number of those infected rose to more than 6500. But, WHO anticipates a high number of unreported cases.   Politicians, meanwhile, urging a faster help for the Ebola countries in West Africa. German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticised the slow European support in a media report: we’re in Europe not powerful and fast enough. I would like that we’d be faster. In such disasters, better coordination at European level is necessary, she said on Tuesday of the Allgemeine Zeitung (Mainz). Also Liberia’s Trade Minister Axel Addy urged to more haste. Addy said so Very much we appreciate help from abroad, she must arrive faster at us, at the United Nations in Geneva.    According to his data, now also the supply of basic foodstuffs is at risk. The supplies of rice, the food in Liberia, threatened to be late November. Negotiations on new imports designed is difficult. The transport was another problem: so far eleven airlines only two fly to the capital of Monrovia. Liberia is the hardest hit by the epidemic.   In UN circles one hears now also self-critical tone: you initially may have underestimated the Ebola crisis. An element that we had probably not properly assessed was the speed with which this epidemic would spread, the Deputy Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), Elisabeth Rasmusson, conceded. The Norwegian wants to see in the coming days with representatives of the Federal Government about additional assistance to the people of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.   Rasmusson said the distribution of foodstuffs in quarantine quarters and infirmaries is important to prevent that people from there to other areas were about to find food. She have the impression that the international assistance now had come after a delay in the initial stages on tours said Rasmusson.    To the fight against of the Ebola epidemic (UNMEER) of the UN Special Mission created a week ago had opened its headquarters in Ghana’s capital Accra on Monday. Regional offices for the coordination of relief operations should begin the work in the next few days, a UN spokesman said. The Bundeswehr currently strives to build up an air bridge between Dakar and Monrovia. It is however due to defective aircraft delays.   . Root facts could be studied clicking the following http://enamora.newskad.com.

Falling inflation gives pressure on the ECB board Thursday in Naples.

Rome, 30 sets. (Afpenglish)-Although expected, the new weakening inflation in the euro-zone in August marked a mesto 0.3 percent on an annual basis-call into question the European Central Bank, which on Thursday will see the directory gather in Naples. It is one of two occasions when, each year, the Council takes place in Jersey, rather than institutional headquarters in Frankfurt, a rotation between European cities. The ECB has just produced a new series of measures with which it hopes to bring inflation down to more acceptable levels. But recent developments have raised the hypothesis that should do more, that scenario was immediately reflected in the foreign exchange market with the euro dropping to new lows for over two years. Why Dragons has on several occasions repeated that to ensure an accommodative orientation of monetary policy, the ECB aims to reexpand its budget to the levels they had reached in early 2012. It is about 1. 000 billion more than the current values. And kept in mind that the new funds allocated with the Tltro go to compensate for those that are returned after the expiry of the previous long term operations (Lter), hardly the purchase of Abs and covered bonds would suffice to make the 100 missing. For this already for weeks among analysts have opinions on the fact that at the end you will need to start a plan more massive generalized purchasing titles, also public. A Quantitative Easing as those carried out in recent years in the United States, Britain and Japan. It would certainly be much more rough go in directory, especially with the open hostility of most intransigent component that is headed to Germany and the Bundesbank. But with inflation at 0.3 per cent, against an official target of the ECB that would less than but close to 2 percent, the possibility of a European QE becomes more credible. It is seen on the spot currency market, where for weeks the euro is losing ground in the other perspectives and the ECB measures gradually. Today’s inflation data triggered other sudden dips, the single currency is briefly over under 1.26 dollars, at least from 1.2571 on September 2012, then recover something in the evening at 1.2627 (after weaker-than-expected data on the climate of confidence in the US). The current level of the euro-dollar exchange rate are of more than 9 percent lower than the peaks marked last may, when the single currency was reached to touch 1.40 fee. . Original source can be read reading the following fact.

RAID in Australia – sympathizer financed IS fighters in Syria.

After a new anti-terror raid in Australia a man is indicted on Tuesday due to financial support of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). More than 100 officials had raided seven different houses and apartments in the surroundings of Melbourne at dawn and arrested a 23-year old. According to the police, he had collected converted more than 8000 euros to support an American extremist who fights for the IS in Syria.   Unlike in September, when the police with a large-scale operation foiled an imminent attack according to own statements, was this time no danger to the public, said the police. In the largest anti-terror mission of their history, the police had arrested 15 people on 18 September in Sydney. You assumes that one was of them about, to kidnap a passerby on the street and to behead. There were searches a day in Brisbane. There comes together in the November of g-20 Summit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, among others.    . Root data could be read reading this http://enamora.newskad.com.

3.072 migrants dead in the Mediterranean: that is Europe?

Sad record. More than 3. 000 people have drowned or disappeared during their attempted crossing between North Africa and Europe since the beginning of the year 2014. Including more than 2. 700 since early June. It is four times more that in 2013, double the peak achieved in 2011 during the Arab revolutions.   Yet, it cannot be said that nothing has been done. After the drama of October 2013 which had pulled the European Union (EU) of its passivity, the Italy has implemented the Mare Nostrum operation.  Objective: avoiding more shipwrecks by welcoming migrants on Italian soil and in dealing with asylum applications. More than 120. Thus, 000 migrants rescued by the Italy, against 60. 000 people in 2011.   -The situation has much changed since two deadly shipwrecks October 2013 which had caused more than 500 deaths and since the Italy has implemented the Mare Nostrum, large scale rescue operation. Migrants today landed at Lampedusa via the Italian Navy. There is more spontaneous and dramatic arrivals. Or migrant detention centres. But residents, activists, the head of the coast guard on-site provide that if the Mare Nostrum operation stops, Lampedusa will once again be the point where is will fail the boats of migrants. Mare Nostrum records a relative success, but there are however more and more dead. How do you explain it? -Any initiative of European coordination and takeover of the Mare Nostrum operation is good news. After that, we must be clear on the mandate. Frontex, and thus Member States which the system depends, should not make the migration control when it comes to saving lives. What is not certain. In projects that are circulating, whose content is obscure, he said ships of Member States, coordinated by Frontex, patrol just off the North Coast, while Mare Nostrum goes far beyond the Italian territorial waters in approaching the Libyan coasts. Which would therefore serve no purpose and would not prevent shipwrecked on the high seas. -We ask three things, neither utopian nor unrealistic because they already exist, or have already been implemented in the past. It must first set up a rescue operation in major sea, on the mode of Mare Nostrum but way more perennial, wider. From a technical point of view it is possible, it is in the remit of national navies. Secondly, States must implement secure and legal paths to the territories of the EU. We are dealing with people who have no other choice than to pursue their exile to Europe rather than return home, and who can no longer stay, either, in the areas of transit. States have that opportunity and do it in a very small proportion in issuing visas to asylum seekers. One can imagine a relaxation of requests for family reunification also. . You must visit the following http://enamora.newskad.com to read extra on this amazing topic.

Pro D2: Damien Traille is not in Pau in pre-retirement.

I am not in Pau in retirement, says former three-quarters international and experienced centre Damien Traille (35 years, 86 caps), returned this summer from Biarritz in his trainer club which caracole in head of Pro D2 Question: why have decided to close the loop by returning to Pau after ten years at Biarritz?Answer: This was not an easy option. I know awaited, but I wanted to thank the Section Paloise of throwing me and know everything that I lived. I’m not in Pau in retirement, but instead decided to bring my experience in finding the pleasure of the game. Despite my age and my record, I continue to learn and appreciate to the training. Q: despite the road because you have decided to stay live in Biarritz,. A: the time allows me. Biarritz is that an hour of motorway to Pau, my family still lives there and it makes me good, too, to be a little distant Pablo context, the pressure surrounding the club, the high expectations of a rebound in the Top 14. Q: what are the main differences you noted between the Top 14 and Pro D2?A: they may be matches more chopped on the static phases (in Pro D2). How many Scrums before having a good! But, if the opponent is determined to put the volume, we see really interesting meetings. Dax, for example, despite its current ranking, these teams is and deserved to bring a point of Albi and from us. Then the Pro D2, it is a very long and complicated, more so this year no team dominates as the previous seasons. The battle will be tough between several teams who really stand. Q: the Section is not the team capable of dominating the Championship?A: it is still too early to say. Accounting were made the perfect start, with five wins in five matches but at the level of content, it is still far from what we want to implement. Q: much is said about the method of your New Zealand Manager Simon Mannix in the current paloise success,. A: it requires Pau rigorously, cultivated in Munster where it happens. Even me who have always played in the Top 14, I had not seen ca for a long time. In terms of organization, precision, it pushes the detail very far through, inter alia, videos sessions that help everyone to be convinced of the correctness of what he wants to put in place. This is really an approach worthy of the highest level. Q: after 12 years to play in the biggest stadiums in the world, how did it feel to Massy (suburb of Paris), at the opening of the Pro D2?A: it was a little weird,. A small enclosure with a single covered grandstand, 2. 000 spectators, but the first impression passed, I concentrate on the game, I do not focus on the outside. Q: you still keep an eye advised on the soundtrack?A: it does not pass ten years in a club to turn the page as if nothing had happened. The BO has had a mixed season start, but he rises to power. Adaptation to the Pro D2 is never easy, Biarritz has changed fifteen players and his staff. But this is a team on which he will take at the end of season. . Inspirational facts may be studied reading this article.

The crisis hits the fake, down counterfeit commodity prices.

The crisis also affects the illegal sector: counterfeit product prices in 5 years decreased 18 percent. Are the data of a study carried out by Censis and the Ministry of economic development that it has detected a drop in turnover compared to 2010 for all sectors of the fake, except for medicines. The decrease in turnover is not attributable to less illegal activity or habit to purchase, but the decline in the average price of items seized by Customs and by the Guardia di finanza, which in five years has dropped from EUR 10.7 13 because of lower spending. There is therefore a ‘ deflation ‘ effect even in false compartment, with a lowering of prices of counterfeit goods sold on the street. Cannot decrease counterfeiting and consumer habit to buy fakes, then, but there has been a decline in prices, to meet the reduced availability of customers ‘ spending. According to the national survey of Censis, the 46% of respondents believe economic entities (Chambers of Commerce, business associations and category) declares that buying fake goods is a growing habit among consumers, in particular with regard to articles of clothing and accessories, and a further 32% the phenomenon is stable. The 46% stated that their territory is produced false goods. It is still too little what Italian companies do to defend themselves from the spread of fake. According to 66% of the respondents is not enough the level of knowledge on the part of companies in relation to the instruments to be used for the protection of industrial property. The 61% say that in recent years took place in training and awareness, many of which are financed by the Ministry of economic development. . For extended on this topic visit http://enamora.newskad.com.

Clash on the Colombo, a cyclist dies. Morning of blocked traffic, accidents from the Centre to the EUR.

Deadly clash on via Cristoforo Colombo in Roma. Shortly after the 11 a car, a Mercedes A class, invested a cyclist who lost his life at the height of Mostacciano direction Ostia. There is also an air ambulance attended, but the woman there was nothing to be done. On the spot they came also the agents of the intervention Group of local police traffic of Rome, already present in via Cristoforo Colombo this morning due to two other incidents that had created problems in the circulation. But it was a complicated city with morning blocked traffic in several areas of Rome due to some. Viale Marconi to 266, with 11 civic. 45, a foreign woman, with her son carried in a stroller, was struck by a car. Both were transferred to San Camillo hospital, where the woman came in green code. No problem, however, for the small, remained unscathed because it was taken from the car. On site, in addition to the 118 physicians, were the agents of the Marconi Group XI of the local police of Rome. Two other incidents in the Columbus area. The first at the intersection with via Fosso del Torrino, while the other at the intersection with via of Mostacciano. From 8 traffic is stuck on via del Mare towards Roma: on the artery that connects the host to the capital have formed about 10 miles of tail between Dragonara and Tower and only after 3 hours the situation has returned to normal. Morning queues also on via della Scafa direction Fiumicino. On the spot were the agents of the IX Eur group, for the relief and emergency traffic group to handle heavy traffic between resentments via Cristoforo Colombo and bad faith. Still inconvenience to Eur, the movement precisely in piazza dei Navigatori because of non-functioning traffic lights on Columbus, as reported green light. Shortly before 8 a tamponade occurred inside the Gallery Pasa, in which one person has been slightly injured: heavy disruption between the Tiber and the via Gregorio VII, the Gallery after a few hours was reopened to traffic. Slowdowns in the morning on the Gra also makes known as Anas, in outer carriageway between junction 30 ‘ connection to the Rome-Fiumicino motorway ‘ (60.6 km) and junction 27 "Via Cristoforo Colombo" (55.5 km) for an accident at km 55.200. A tanker carrying heavy sour, remained at the slow March Lane, following a collision with a vehicle. No wounded. Two injured, one in serious condition, the accident happened shortly before 10. 30 on the Salaria at kilometre 38. A Bmw is impacting Road exit against a large tree and another car. On the spot they arrived firefighters of Poggio Mirteto and Montelibretti which released the wounded by entrusting them sheets to 118. On the road has landed an air ambulance that carried the driver of the Bmw, in serious condition, the Gemelli hospital while the other motorist was transported to the hospital in Rieti. . For extended data regarding this matter click http://enamora.newskad.com.

Strike by pharmacists: where to buy its drugs Tuesday in 93?

Many pharmacies are closed Tuesday because of strike action by pharmacists who are protesting against the possible sale of medicines in supermarkets. In order to ensure the continuity of care, the regional health agency, in connection with the prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis requisitioned 21 dispensaries in the Department. Here is the list of the pharmacies open today: modern pharmacy, 112 avenue of the Republiquepharmacie centre, 132 road Mitrypharmacie Richard Oudot, 158 avenue Charles Floquet pharmacy Nguyen, 253 Allée de Montfermeil pharmacy of market, 48 avenue Paul-Vaillant-Couturier pharmacy Nigella, 144 rue Roger-Salengro and main pharmacy, 160 avenue Henri-Barbusse pharmacy Hostele-Vallon, 53 bd Foch pharmacy Lagoutte and John, 21 rue Henri-Barbussepharmacie m26 Parispharmacie street of Mall of Arcades and pharmacy Syed, 7 Allée Louis-Aragonpharmacie du Port de Pantin, 150, avenue Jean-Lolive pharmacy of the station, 8th place Général Leclerc pharmacy Attali-Simon, 15 avenue Central Faidherbepharmacie, 16th place of the Général-De-Gaulle pharmacy of the Mall Domus pharmacy of the promenade, 5 promenade of the Basilica and modern pharmacy, 39 bd Jules-Guesde small-bridges pharmacie150 bd Ballanger and pharmacy Dargent, 21 avenue from the station. For additional facts on this topic click http://enamora.newskad.com.

Ebola Epidemic: The global failure.

When the World Health Organization (WHO) recently once again announced figures from the infection area in West Africa, no one was surprised by the extent of. More than 3,000 dead, about 6500 cases of infection were counted as a whole. But the true misery to be far greater. Two to four times as many victims is expected, teaches the experience of WHO in such outbreaks. The overview but has been long lost, not to mention the control. In February, the first patient with a viral hemorrhagic fever had surfaced in Guinea. At least 35 cases of Ebola were there already, as was the responsible for emergency situations medics in the Ministry of health of Guinea to the public: this disease strikes like lightning, Sakoba Keita warned on March 19. But this viral storm seemed from afar like a harmless lightning. Beyond Africa was interested in it no really, flashed the flashes over a region that is not known for anything, only for good news. The world was indeed busy – with Putin and the Ukraine, Israel and Gaza, with the IS and the Iraqi Syrian hell on Earth. The men in the epidemic area were also, as far as the medicine, Very much injudiciously, goes on to say. More scared before doctors and quarantine as a prior infection. But the inhabitants of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone remain culturally, because it let sick family members not only their fate, because they To want to avoid crowded isolation units and bring their dead without the due respect under the Earth? Coming as we from a society, in which flu is equated with a runny nose, measles or whooping cough be considered childhood diseases and vaccinations are available under general suspicion, should abstain in any case better with criticism of the level of medical education in Africa. Ebola is a virus, a plague. Ebola is also a mirror. Even as the WHO in early August by a global threat said their experts also quite obviously not had reckoned with, the reactions were world’s behavior. Since the United States already with great fanfare including eisgekühltem miracle serum had flown two infected helper in the home, while local Ebola patients in emergency clinics had not enough to eat and begged for water. But when President Barack Obama announced At last military help, saying a 25-bed field hospital to the supply of foreign workers who also – right rows infected – as Of course their local counterparts under the inadequate quarantine conditions on-site. In about half of the cases they then die with their patients. Only when the criticism on the disappointing Washington plans was also internally violently, it came to the scaling up of aid. And gradually awakened as the leaders in Berlin. That now also has volunteers are needed, is right, even if there are Government members like Ursula von der Leyen and Hermann Gröhe, as they were always at the forefront of an anti viral isolate. The many who have logged in the short time since the call for use in Africa, deserve at least highest respect. But it all comes months too late and is still A lot too little. As the WHO estimates, it takes 200 to 250 people on the staff page to responsible cause of an Ebola clinic with just 70 beds. But the case numbers are skyrocketing. Hundreds of thousands of infected are feared in the region by the end of the year. Who knows exactly, that after all the chances of an early containment were – wasted locally, nationally and internationally in particular. In a human world, we can’t admit it, that the people of West Africa suffer so Very much, implored the WHO Director-General Margaret Chan their listeners in New York on the margins of the UN General Assembly. But it seems that we can. Or this world is just not human. The current Ebola disaster especially those did, that are affected directly by you. People are largely powerless against an earthquake, a tsunami and a volcano like the Japanese Ontake in these days. But such uncontrollable natural disaster isn’t the current Ebola epidemic. She could have been prevented. And she could have been prevented. . For extra facts about this topic visit reference.

Condemned because he threatened to rape a member on Twitter.

-A man was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison for insulting and threatening to rape the Labour MP Stella Creasy, rea of having supported the successful online campaign to have the writer Jane Austen on ten-pound notes, carried forward by Caroline feminist Criado-Perez (itself already threatened in the past). Peter Nunn, this the name of the man, a family man of 33 years of Bristol, was arrested on August 7 after repeated threats to labour through an MEP trolls on Twitter. A real campaign of hatred against Labour MEP who had led him to send to Creasy, through the anonymous account @protectys, an image from horror movies, that portrait with a mask and a knife, a clear threat of murder. Useless defense of Nunn, who had appealed to the right to exercise freedom of speech and do ‘ satire ‘ through Twitter trolls. But his message satire there wasn’t even a shadow. Judge Elizabeth Roscoe London Court recognized guilty of having sent messages obscene, indecent and threatening. Threats to Member Creasy were followed for other serious incidents of insults and intimidation to women on Twitter, which had also involved a 14-year-old girl, Hannah Smith, who was killed after suffering verbal abuse from other users on the site Ask. fm, that allows you to exchange messages while maintaining anonymity. These episodes have led more than 100. 000 people to sign a petition to ask Twitter to take measures against the growing phenomenon, so as to induce the responsible for Twitter in the United Kingdom, Tom Wang, to apologize to the women who have received threats through social networking, and (d) introduce in the microblogging service new measures to curb abuses. The California company has updated its policy and introduced the button to report abuse. Twitter has also increased the number of employees to report abuses. In the months before even Hadley Freeman, Grace Dent and Catherine Mayer, editorialiste newspapers as GuardianIndipendent, eTime, had revealed that they have been threatened by anonymous users. . Root data could be found clicking this http://enamora.newskad.com.