Comment: Threat of Islam?.

Islam is just, it is said to agree fixed and with the modern not on violence. For some speaking superficially, but that is too simple as a judgment: the problem is not Islam, the Muslims, who practice it are the problem. World religions such as Christianity or Islam can exist only so long, because they are flexible and the room offer the faithful, always new to adapt. Islam can also be much too because a surah of the Koran says the one and the other the opposite. In every era, there have been terrorist groups in the Islamic world; in the 12th century, the assassins were what Al Qaeda and their successors are today. They were and they are dangerous, mass movements are not caused it but, on the contrary. So the Arab Muslims had conquered only therefore almost without a fight the Levant in the 7th century, because living there Oriental Christians welcomed them compared to the oppressive Byzantine State Church as liberators. Today, an intolerance of ambiguity characterizes the minds of Muslims. So how the Salafists to claim to stand, for the only "true" Islam so many in the West go the Salafists in the event that there should be only an Islam. This "Homo islamicus" but whose thinking and action revolve around nothing more than to Islam, is not suitable for daily life. Islam is today undisputed in a deep crisis. Most Muslims – whether in Turkey, India or Indonesia – live in democracies. The Arab Muslims are the problem. In the Arab world, the post-colonial phase to end walks in 2011 since the protest. The colonial powers had left States after the second world war, whose Grenzen learned. The people identified themselves not with them, Islam became the identity nationalism spare. Today, some States; crumble Militias who invoke Islam, the pursuit of power. . Extended information can be inspected checking reference.

Clinging to a car that flies on the highway, the koala survives.

Clutched at the back of a car that spun on an Australian Highway, a koala has survived this ride in train of hell on nearly 90 km, with only sequel to a twisted claw. The marsupial, emblematic animal of the Australia, was struck by a car Friday in the State of Queensland (northeast). According to the care centre attached to the Australia Zoo, which collected it, the koala then clung to the back of the vehicle, unless the driver or passengers realize something. It was only during a break on a highway, 90 km later, area that the family discovered the stowaway. It is amazing that he survived, said veterinarian Claude Lacasse, who treated the survivor. It’s really a koala who has the bowl. The animal, named Timberwolf by caregivers, administered painkillers, due to its twisted claw. He resumed his spirits in a tree in the Australia Zoo North of Brisbane. The staff tries to determine the place where it is hooked to the car to be able to release it in this area. Estimated at more than 10 million before the arrival of British settlers in 1788, the population of koalas in Australia has dropped and they would no more than 43. 000 today. But their way of life, at the top of the trees, makes it difficult for an accurate census. . Extended info can be found clicking

Case Matacena, Special talk: Scajola mind, there by anything.

Claudio Scajola mind. I don’t know why, but I do mind. Me with Amedeo Matacena there before anything. Vincenzo Apothecaries is the man who is referred to as the pivot around which revolved the project cost the prison, as well as the former Minister of the Interior and other 4 people even to Clear Rizzo and Raffaella De Carolisi, wife and mother of Matacena. From his home in Lebanon he defends and attacks says it says it can prove everything. And he repeats like a mantra: I don’t know why it does, nor what actual interests attempt to cover. But one thing is certain, Claudio Scajola mind. When he says that it was I who propose the transfer of Amadeo Matacena from Dubai to Beirut to get political asylum, says blatantly false, and are able to prove it. Speziali responds from his home in Beirut where he lives with his wife (relation with former President Amin Gemayel) and tells her the truth. A truth that will demonstrate the process that must be done as soon as possible, because someone will have to answer the serious charges against a respectable person. Scajola questioned by magistrates of Reggio Calabria had admitted that the intention to move into Lebanon Matacena was real and that the project was to obtain political asylum to former lawmaker sentenced definitively to external competition in mafia association. An idea that, admitted the former Interior Minister, was coming to Apothecaries that Beitut has important relationships. The entrepreneur denies version: I don’t even know him Matacena, we’ve never talked about nor I ever met in my life. I know who he is because I’m Calabrese I too and I did politics, but with him I never had dealings of any kind. I don’t know why I dance pulls Scajola, the first thing that comes to mind is that it does not tell the truth to cover other persons or other facts. One thing is for sure I with him I never talked about Matacena. Speziali brings its own relations with the channel of Scajola professional and political relationships, nothing more. Explains the phone calls and meetings with the former Minister of the Pdl: Look I tell you what I can because I prefer to give the details to judges when decide to question me. I am an entrepreneur who runs a service company that provides financial advice and for logistics to big business. Scajola asked me to help his friends. What I tried to do by providing my professionalism in an absolutely legitimate and legal. And adds: trying to enter into financial relationships with some Lebanese banks, and I having been on several boards of Directors of banks I tried to help them, it wasn’t even something professional, but friendship. Special events claims to be able to document his every statement and want to do in front of the judges. Then also tells of his contacts with Marcello Dell’Utri. My involvement in the story is a fake. I know Dell’Utri from 2003 when I met him at an airport. My uncle was founding governance circles in Calabria and I introduced myself to him. Since that time we felt a few times on the phone and on some other occasions we met. We talked often about books and politics, I consider it an exceptional mind and it’s nice to converse with him, that’s all. When the case broke out, I didn’t know that was in Lebanon. I had met by chance at a restaurant in Rome on April 18, 2013, I remember because it was the day he was fired as President of the Marine Republic, then we may always believe reviewed randomly. Here maybe a call or two. In January, before the final judgment of the Court of Cassation, sent him a message to tell him that I would like to hear it. I have never responded, I think at that time was in the hospital for his health problems. Even when he arrived in Beirut I have ever tried, and I knew it was here. Just look at the charts and the interception we understand that even with Scajola refers to Dell’Utri. In short, if I were interested would have to be a track. According to Scajola Speziali besieging him because he was looking for a sponsorship to be candidate to Parliament. Even the Lebanese-Italian entrepreneur from a different version. It is true that I love politics, which I’ve always done and that is my passion. I am a man of the Center ever since. It is not true that I asked him for help to an application. On the other hand, Scajola was one that had failed to think about himself, how could you help me? As far as I’m concerned, then I am in contact with the entire area Democrat of the Pdl and budget, Clemente Mastella was my wedding witness and pine Galati is a dear friend. So if I could find the strongest sponsor. Instead he ask help for the European election campaign, though I imagined, and I told him, I do not have a candidate. This whole story is strange, strange really ,,. Look I have painted as a sort of head of Spectre. I was insulted by saying I’m a Fixer. The Prosecutor Federico Cafiero de Raho me described as a criminal offending my personal dignity, and policy entrepreneur. Are only investigated and demonstrate that the accusations against me are false. Obviously, however, all those who are launched into hasty and unfair judgements against me will be called to account in the appropriate locations. It is clear that at the end of this story each must take responsibility for what has been said and done. Do not allow anyone to question my good repute. Here I want to destroy politically and professionally as well as has been done with Berlusconi and Forza Italy, which for me is a party that is a bulwark of freedom. . For extra information regarding this matter check fact.

Box office: Scarlett Johansson shoots to Hercules past.

The drugs are not in their shoe soles or a secret compartment in a travel bag, but in her body. Scarlett Johansson plays the young Lucy, who wakes up one day with a cut wound on his belly and know that without their knowledge a drugs package is been planted her. French director Luc Besson (L̩on Рthe professional, the fifth element) has managed to the top of the US box office charts with his new film Lucy. For the monkeys, it goes further downhill. In week three Tim Burtons Dawn managed of the planet of the apes (planet of the apes РRevolution) only or $16.4 million. The horror film the purge 2 Рanarchy slipped. It went down two places for the horror shocker: $ 9.9 million he landed four square. 22 is the number of the police station in the jump Street. In the 1980s was successful the series 21 Jump Street with Johnny Depp, under same title of police undercover slapstick was adapted in 2012 with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum for the cinema. This year, the COP chaos so is jump than 22 to see street. And the extremely successful: boxofficemojo according to industry service. com, the film has played a already 270 million dollars. On Thursday he starts in Germany. The heavy-metal festival begins Wacken in three days. But who is now wants to tune, the documentary is Wacken look 3D by Director Norbert Heitker. The film disappointed though on its first weekend in theaters (120. 000 Euro turnover and 10 500 viewers)-but this may may soon change, if 75 000 fans back yearn for the Festival in the village of Schleswig-Holstein. . Original facts could be found reading the following

Students 2014: We are terribly foreign!.

In the wake-up call presided such insinuations such as the one that the students were conformist, without attitude and point of view, linguistically sloppy, ambitious OLMS without courage to the saying. The responses were friendly. It was mostly: so it is but we can do otherwise. Seven students have photographed themselves and have even once extensively published, what disturbs them at the University and the professional world. They want more freedom and more security. One has recognized: "I’m not corporate-John" – and decided to look for a job in the public service. What would I do with my life? The central question for us, which is always more difficult to answer. There are so many ways, we know not all. How do we find out what suits us? It goes to our parents, looks the perfect curriculum vitae: school, high school, College, work, retirement. If it fits, maybe family. For me it was so that I still didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduation and two years Bundeswehr, and began to study, because it was expected of me. The unhappiest time in my life! I felt unbalanced. I saw no sense. I wanted to get out of Germany, have canceled all tents and just moved to Ireland. Without a plan. I had no idea how long I wanted to stay. Here I have found for me and now know that I have great interest in online marketing and business administration. I would never have thought of. I’m happy at the moment in my job and will soon begin a business degree and lead then to end. . Had I not broken on the original plan, I would have probably done. Of course, everything could have gone wrong. But it’s not. You must take something to achieve something. Just try it. You can always go back. In my studies, I had three wake-up moments. Right the first at the beginning, when I realized that I had started for the wrong reasons to study. A study appeared to be the logical conclusion of the high school. Because: who wants a career, which must have studied. Once I had identified the wrong motivation, I developed real interested in the expert and joy of learning. That lasted for a year, to the second wake-up moment. We need necessarily practical experience, advised us teachers, fellow students, and the media. Because of the competition pressure is high on the labour market for graduates, you can tell in the classrooms. Penis size was yesterday, today to compare resumes. We students are great to develop the economical availability we have a look. Who must think so, but loses the fun of studying. . For extra information regarding this matter visit source.

South Korean ferry: put your lifejacket and do not move.

Put on your life jacket and do not move! The message was repeated looping by the crew to passengers from the South Korean ferry, whose sinking caused the deaths of more than 300 people. Students who survived testified Monday for the first time. They repeated again and again the same thing, told one of adolescent girls, whose 250 schoolmates disappeared April 16 during this disaster. Like others, she obeyed orders, until the boat looks so that the cabin door is above his head. We had our life jackets and my class delegate suggested that we wait until the water we door up and that we can exit through the passage. Some were able to cling to furniture fixed to the walls, and then helped other young girls to leave by the door so that water continued to climb. The ferry was stopped around 9 o’clock in the morning for an unknown reason, and the crew asked passengers not to move their headquarters and their cabin, during nearly 40 minutes. When the ship began to sting the nose, it was too late: passengers have failed to back the flooded corridors and found themselves trapped. In the days following the disaster, the Korean television broadcast images shot by a high school student with its smartphone. They showed a group of teenagers joked and referring to the Titanic. Then anxiety rises, and finally panic, while one can still hear appeals from the crew – via speakers – not to move. The captain of the Sewol and three grades within the crew are accused of homicide by negligence and incur the death penalty. The other eleven surviving members – some are dead drowned – are considered for lighter loads. The crew has been dedicated to the obloquy, because he abandoned the ship while hundreds of people were still on board. Also criticized members of having ordered not to move, instead of preparing the evacuation. Captain defends himself by saying that he expected the arrival of rescue boats. . Main facts may be found checking this

Obama makes big entry with Nethanyau: “immediate humanitarian Truce”.

Continues to be very intricate, the situation in the Middle East, where the tension between Israel and Palestine would seem anything but close to a resolution. If yesterday had been a community message from the United Nations and John Kerry to urge a truce, partially request merely as a 24-hour truce that has promoted Nethanyau subject to the neutralization of Israeli tunnel, to be heavy-handed with the Israeli premier, today President Obama himself. In the evening, the President of the United States has circulated a note issued by the White House in which claims in no uncertain terms the need for "An immediate humanitarian ceasefire and unconditional".  Between the American President and the Israeli Prime Minister there has been lengthy telephone conversation in which he is presented as essential, for Obama, an immediate stop of the conflict, that in a few weeks has already caused more than a thousand victims, many of them to the Palestinian side. Nethanyau today, in the early afternoon, pleaded his case by pointing out that all five of the announced ceasefire were promptly rejected by Gaza: "Israel has accepted five ceasefire, including two on humanitarian grounds, that Hamas has always rejected. We have not resumed fighting, were they to do so ".  These advanced reasons several hours ago from Nethanyau to reject an immediate humanitarian truce that Hamas had accepted.  After an initial no arrived yesterday at the extension of the ceasefire until midnight today, Hamas was sitting on his steps and agree to a new truce: "In response to UN intervention and considering the situation of our people and on the occasion of the feast of Eid, was agreed between resistance factions to accept a calm 24 humanitarian hours from 14. 00 local on Sunday ". . For extended information about this topic click url.

Rome, explosion in a building in via Tuscolana: three serious injuries, a girl.

(AdnKronos)-Three people were injured in an explosion that occurred at 3. 20 at night in the Palace in via Tuscolana 642, in Rome. The most serious is a girl, that was delivered in code red at the Hospital San Giovanni. Reported various impact trauma to the face and neck. He is currently conscious but not remember anything of what happened. The other two injured were brought to the hospital Vannini. On site in addition to firefighters, who extinguished the flames erupted in the building, were the agents of the Commissariat Appius again. The explosion collapsed the ceiling of the first floor apartment located above the bar. The entire building was evacuated and declared unusable. Inside the bar downstairs were found two slots open and empty of money. Investigators are trying to figure out if the theft that is consumed in the bar has a link with the explosion. During the survey carried out in the room were found two padlocks to a split damper while the shutters of the store were completely hacked off by the explosion. The agents will now have to determine if the explosion is earlier or later than theft. . Root source could be found checking the following

By Monday, no fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea, take the catch fishing.

From tomorrow, July 28 no fresh fish on the table for the Italians for over a month. In fact, the fishing part leading to the blocking of the activities of the Italian fishing fleet. It starts then the 28 July for the Adriatic on the stretch from Trieste to Rimini, with the lock for 42 days of boats towing systems, until 5 September. The August 11 stop the activities for the Central and South Adriatic, from Pesaro in Bari, which will resume on September 22. The 15 September will stop vessels from Brindisi, Ionian and Tyrrhenian Sea, until 14 October, while Sardinia and Sicily decide autonomously, with a stop at least thirty days. To inform is Coldiretti Impresapesca, explaining that the measure "aims to ensure restocking of fish in the sea and save the Marines from the collapse". "With the catch fisheries also increases the risk of finding yourself in the pot for grilling and frying, especially at restaurants, foreign or frozen product if it is not the one Made in Italy fresh from other areas where there is the catch fishing, national farms or from limited local production but due to the small fishing boats that can equally operate" he emphasized Impresapesca Coldiretti.  The Association also wanted to mention that in 2014 there has been "a decline of 7% in the consumption of fresh fish in value in the first two months". "To score a big drop in consumption is mainly octopus ( -22 per cent), sea bass ( -20 percent) and squid ( -16 per cent)" emphasized Coldiretti Impresapesca, specifying that the collapse "has put a strain on the Italian fishing fleet over the past 30 years has already lost 35 per cent of boats and 18. thousand jobs ". . Similar facts can be read clicking reference.

The New York Times advocates the legalization of marijuana.

The position taken is clear, there is no doubt: the New York Times, one of the major American newspapers, advocated the legalization of marijuana in the United States, comparing the federal ban in effect to the prohibition of sales of alcohol from 1920 to 1933. On its website, in an editorial where, over playing in scroll, the stars of the present American flag pictured one of turns into Cannabis leaf, the editorial board of the daily explained: "it took thirteen years that the United States return to reason and put an end to Prohibition, thirteen years during which continued to drinkso that law-abiding citizens of the Act have become criminals and that the unions of the crisis emerged and flourished." In November 2012, Washington State, on the West Coast, and Colorado voters approved by referendum the legalization of the sale of cannabis for recreational use. Other States will vote this year, including Oregon and Alaska. American public, according to the Pew Research Center and Gallup polling institutes, would be, it, mostly favourable to legalisation of cannabis. . Similar data can be found visiting article.